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Real Deal NFFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1283.55Houston Texans20153
2276.09Cincinnati Bengals20139
3257.46New Orleans Saints200612
4256.25San Francisco 49ers20149
5253.73San Francisco 49ers20148
6253.61Houston Texans20113
7250.35Kansas City Chiefs20155
8247.76Cincinnati Bengals201011
9243.55Houston Texans20082
10243.2Cincinnati Bengals20131
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Carolina Panthers20066
233.22Atlanta Falcons20156
336.95San Francisco 49ers201511
437.78Carolina Panthers200810
540.55Jacksonville Jaguars201511
646.45Denver Broncos20158
746.85Philadelphia Eagles201511
847.41Arizona Cardinals20157
948.2Buffalo Bills201511
1050.05New York Giants20157
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.8Dallas Cowboys20157New York Giants (60.8-50.05)
269.02Baltimore Ravens201510Tennessee Titans (69.02-58.33)
369.86San Diego Chargers201510Kansas City Chiefs (69.86-51.32)
470.83Green Bay Packers201511Philadelphia Eagles (70.83-46.85)
572.26Atlanta Falcons20157Carolina Panthers (72.26-52.8)
675.45Oakland Raiders20159San Francisco 49ers (75.45-70.2)
777.77Denver Broncos20157San Diego Chargers (77.77-66.15)
879.39Dallas Cowboys201510Jacksonville Jaguars (79.39-72.85)
980.31Seattle Seahawks201510New York Giants (80.31-65.42)
1080.7St. Louis Rams20159San Francisco 49ers (80.7-70.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1232.51Washington Redskins200612New Orleans Saints (232.51-257.46)
2209.09Chicago Bears201414New York Giants (209.09-227.06)
3208.18Minnesota Vikings20151St. Louis Rams (208.18-208.19)
4207.81Atlanta Falcons20074Houston Texans (207.81-227.36)
5205.49Buffalo Bills20155Detroit Lions (205.49-243.12)
6204.42Carolina Panthers20144Baltimore Ravens (204.42-205.8)
7202.84San Francisco 49ers201116Houston Texans (202.84-212.97)
8202.73Miami Dolphins200913New England Patriots (202.73-206.83)
9200.47Minnesota Vikings20124Houston Texans (200.47-208.63)
10199.54Miami Dolphins201314Houston Texans (199.54-212.54)
Most Combined Points
1489.97New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins (257.46-232.51)200612
2467.38Houston Texans vs New York Giants (283.55-183.83)20153
3448.61Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills (243.12-205.49)20155
4436.15New York Giants vs Chicago Bears (227.06-209.09)201414
5435.17Houston Texans vs Atlanta Falcons (227.36-207.81)20074
6428.9Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints (253.61-175.29)20113
7424.82San Francisco 49ers vs St. Louis Rams (256.25-168.57)20149
8423.21Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars (230.85-192.36)200914
9417.9Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills (247.76-170.14)201011
10417.13Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts (227.36-189.77)20074
Fewest Combined Points
1110.85Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants (60.8-50.05)20157
2117.68Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles (70.83-46.85)201511
3121.18San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs (69.86-51.32)201510
4125.06Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers (72.26-52.8)20157
5127.35Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans (69.02-58.33)201510
6129.12New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers (92.17-36.95)201511
7142.18Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars (101.63-40.55)201511
8142.29San Diego Chargers vs Denver Broncos (95.84-46.45)20158
9142.79Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts (82.39-60.4)20159
10143.92Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers (77.77-66.15)20157
Victory Margin
1190.94Baltimore Ravens20066Carolina Panthers (190.94-0)
2163.26Cincinnati Bengals20139Miami Dolphins (276.09-112.83)
3157.37New Orleans Saints200612Atlanta Falcons (257.46-100.09)
4144.4Miami Dolphins200712Pittsburgh Steelers (235.92-91.52)
5137.92Tennessee Titans20082Cincinnati Bengals (208.56-70.64)
6136.99Atlanta Falcons20144Minnesota Vikings (203.19-66.2)
7136.82Kansas City Chiefs20155San Francisco 49ers (250.35-113.53)
8132.93New Orleans Saints201210Atlanta Falcons (211.81-78.88)
9132.88Jacksonville Jaguars20098Tennessee Titans (198.36-65.48)
10132.18Chicago Bears20148New England Patriots (219.13-86.95)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.01Dallas Cowboys200912Oakland Raiders (131.7-131.69)
 0.01St. Louis Rams20151Minnesota Vikings (208.19-208.18)
30.05New York Giants200812Arizona Cardinals (134.84-134.79)
4 (tie)0.08Minnesota Vikings20081Green Bay Packers (127.65-127.57)
 0.08Chicago Bears20069Miami Dolphins (151.62-151.54)
 0.08Tampa Bay Buccaneers20127New Orleans Saints (150.61-150.53)
70.09Arizona Cardinals20147San Francisco 49ers (135.3-135.21)
80.11Oakland Raiders20109Jacksonville Jaguars (143.47-143.36)
90.14Washington Redskins20101Dallas Cowboys (138.17-138.03)
100.15Tampa Bay Buccaneers200611Atlanta Falcons (124.98-124.83)

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