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The Red Zone 2 - 2018 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1177Wright, Randy201811
2176Jurkiw, Tim201712
3 (tie)173Kasem, Paul201212
 173Walton, John20161
5 (tie)167Lee, Mike20136
 167Jurkiw, Tim20187
7 (tie)166Brimm, Bob20114
 166Leong, Ken20125
9165Leong, Ken201612
10164Leong, Ken20148
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Lee, Chih20181
2 (tie)31Detloff, Don20057
 31Carr, Roxanne200512
432Walton, John201313
533Limcaco, Lou200517
635Gomula, Mike20068
736Limcaco, Lou201014
838Pettit, Jim20067
9 (tie)40Limcaco, Lou20088
 40Limcaco, Lou201511
 40Jurkiw, Tim20095
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
144Martin, Scott20068Gomula, Mike (44-35)
251Leong, Ken201014Limcaco, Lou (51-36)
3 (tie)52Brimm, Bob20067Pettit, Jim (52-38)
 52Kasem, Paul200611Leong, Ken (52-48)
5 (tie)57Brimm, Bob200510Leong, Ken (57-56)
 57Jurkiw, Tim20113Mendoza, Joe (57-52)
760Jurkiw, Tim20101Gomula, Mike (60-55)
8 (tie)61Limcaco, Lou200613Walton, Bob (61-49)
 61Lee, Mike20063Martin, Scott (61-60)
10 (tie)62Limcaco, Lou20065Gomula, Mike (62-47)
 62Brimm, Bob200810Jurkiw, Tim (62-60)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1144Lee, Mike201811Wright, Randy (144-177)
2141Walton, John20166Jurkiw, Tim (141-144)
3135Walton, John201714Lee, Mike (135-158)
4133Wright, Randy20184Walton, John (133-141)
5132Leong, Ken20124Pettit, Jim (132-142)
6129Gomula, Mike201413Kasem, Paul (129-151)
7127Walton, Bob20159Brimm, Bob (127-160)
8 (tie)126Kasem, Paul201512Brimm, Bob (126-134)
 126Walton, John20148Leong, Ken (126-164)
 126Leong, Ken201810Mendoza, Joe (126-130)
 126Sullivan, Collin201212Kasem, Paul (126-173)
Most Combined Points
1321Wright, Randy vs Lee, Mike (177-144)201811
2299Kasem, Paul vs Sullivan, Collin (173-126)201212
3293Lee, Mike vs Walton, John (158-135)201714
4 (tie)290Leong, Ken vs Kasem, Paul (166-124)20125
 290Leong, Ken vs Walton, John (164-126)20148
 290Jurkiw, Tim vs Lee, Mike (176-114)201712
7287Brimm, Bob vs Walton, Bob (160-127)20159
8286Walton, John vs Leong, Ken (173-113)20161
9285Jurkiw, Tim vs Walton, John (144-141)20166
10280Kasem, Paul vs Gomula, Mike (151-129)201413
Fewest Combined Points
179Martin, Scott vs Gomula, Mike (44-35)20068
287Leong, Ken vs Limcaco, Lou (51-36)201014
390Brimm, Bob vs Pettit, Jim (52-38)20067
4100Kasem, Paul vs Leong, Ken (52-48)200611
5106Mendoza, Joe vs Limcaco, Lou (66-40)20088
6107Kasem, Paul vs Limcaco, Lou (74-33)200517
7 (tie)109Limcaco, Lou vs Gomula, Mike (62-47)20065
 109Jurkiw, Tim vs Mendoza, Joe (57-52)20113
9110Limcaco, Lou vs Walton, Bob (61-49)200613
10 (tie)111Lee, Mike vs Brimm, Bob (64-47)20052
 111Leong, Ken vs Detloff, Don (80-31)20057
 111Walton, Bob vs Limcaco, Lou (71-40)201511
Largest Margin of Victory
1150Walton, John20181Lee, Chih (150-0)
2112Brimm, Bob20113Sullivan, Collin (160-48)
398Jurkiw, Tim20133Pettit, Jim (154-56)
494Lee, Mike20082Brimm, Bob (153-59)
588Brimm, Bob20114Kasem, Paul (166-78)
686Limcaco, Lou20094Brimm, Bob (129-43)
785Gomula, Mike20082Leong, Ken (133-48)
8 (tie)84Jurkiw, Tim201313Pettit, Jim (127-43)
 84Jurkiw, Tim20115Lee, Chih (134-50)
10 (tie)82Kasem, Paul20176Limcaco, Lou (143-61)
 82Jurkiw, Tim201810Walton, John (160-78)

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