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Paul's Fantasy Football League (PFFL) Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1187.83Chain Smoking Patch Junkies20184
2174.08The Last Jedi201410
3171High Life200116
4170High Life20019
5167.2The Hip200413
6166Winning Beer Money200212
8161.68Winning Beer Money202012
9161.61Double D200511
10159.84The Last Jedi20079
11157.49Winning Beer Money20136
15 (tie)155.1Post Mortem20187
 155.1Post Mortem201914
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
320Sken's Irish Alley Pissers19985
526.44The Last Jedi20187
7 (tie)29WNFL200311
929.52Kramerica Industries20219
1030Sken's Irish Alley Pissers19996
11 (tie)31Sharp as a Bowling Ball19992
1331.53Winning Beer Money20117
1431.9Duany Duany Tanning200812
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
143Grady/Jochims199713Wiederholt/Pinkowski (43-31)
246The Fighting Lamas200014The Dark Side (46-40)
348Tappa Kegga Day19985Sken's Irish Alley Pissers (48-20)
448.53Camel Toe200611Kramerica Industries (48.53-47.31)
552Spolidoro/Zastrow19973Klingsporn/Johnson (52-47)
652.81Kramerica Industries20075Chain Smoking Patch Junkies (52.81-41.48)
753Chain Smoking Patch Junkies20033Tappa Kegga Day (53-38)
853.01Winning Beer Money200813Chain Smoking Patch Junkies (53.01-51.35)
953.41The Last Jedi201014Post Mortem (53.41-51.19)
1054Spolidoro/Zastrow199712The Hip (54-48)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1148Double D20187Post Mortem (148-155.1)
2140Hedfullalicker200010Post Mortem (140-146)
3136.36Turd Ferguson20139Hedfullalicker (136.36-148.75)
4134.58Sken's Irish Alley Pissers20148Camel Toe (134.58-142.93)
5133.05Sken's Irish Alley Pissers201216Camel Toe (133.05-137.82)
6132.9Sharp as a Bowling Ball20198The Hip (132.9-138.96)
7132.29Post Mortem20215Camel Toe (132.29-150.9)
8130.8Winning Beer Money201114Camel Toe (130.8-140.98)
9128The Hip199814Shedivy/Zirbel (128-134)
10127.55Hedfullalicker20148Winning Beer Money (127.55-143.76)
Most Combined Points
1303.1Post Mortem vs Double D (155.1-148)20187
2290.04Chain Smoking Patch Junkies vs Double D (187.83-102.21)20184
3286Post Mortem vs Hedfullalicker (146-140)200010
4285.11Hedfullalicker vs Turd Ferguson (148.75-136.36)20139
5283.19Camel Toe vs Post Mortem (150.9-132.29)20215
6281.57Winning Beer Money vs Double D (157.49-124.08)20136
7277.51Camel Toe vs Sken's Irish Alley Pissers (142.93-134.58)20148
8275.33The Last Jedi vs Turd Ferguson (174.08-101.25)201410
9271.86The Hip vs Sharp as a Bowling Ball (138.96-132.9)20198
10271.78Camel Toe vs Winning Beer Money (140.98-130.8)201114
Fewest Combined Points
168Tappa Kegga Day vs Sken's Irish Alley Pissers (48-20)19985
274Grady/Jochims vs Wiederholt/Pinkowski (43-31)199713
383Sken's Irish Alley Pissers vs Co-Cheese (65-18)19988
486The Fighting Lamas vs The Dark Side (46-40)200014
587Sharp as a Bowling Ball vs FMBucky (68-19)19985
691Chain Smoking Patch Junkies vs Tappa Kegga Day (53-38)20033
792WNFL vs The Hip (56-36)199710
894Winning Beer Money vs Hedfullalicker (57-37)20011
994.29Kramerica Industries vs Chain Smoking Patch Junkies (52.81-41.48)20075
10 (tie)95Turd Ferguson vs Sken's Irish Alley Pissers (65-30)19996
 95Turd Ferguson vs WNFL (70-25)19986
Victory Margin
1123.34The Last Jedi20079The Hip (159.84-36.5)
2105.01Post Mortem201912Winning Beer Money (141.48-36.47)
399.92Post Mortem200515The Hip (146.3-46.38)
497.45The Hip20167Duany Duany Tanning (147.6-50.15)
595.55Post Mortem20117Winning Beer Money (127.08-31.53)
695Tappa Kegga Day200812Duany Duany Tanning (126.9-31.9)
793Post Mortem200111Turd Ferguson (140-47)
892Turd Ferguson20008Sharp as a Bowling Ball (130-38)
989.52Camel Toe20229Sken's Irish Alley Pissers (148.41-58.89)
1089Duany Duany Tanning20016FMBucky (141-52)
1188.57Camel Toe20202The Hip (140.97-52.4)
12 (tie)88The Hip200215Hedfullalicker (148-60)
 88High Life200116Sharp as a Bowling Ball (171-83)
1487Sken's Irish Alley Pissers20006FMBucky (148-61)
1586.9Sharp as a Bowling Ball200917Sken's Irish Alley Pissers (136.45-49.55)
1686.58Hedfullalicker20138Camel Toe (151.83-65.25)
1786.01Tappa Kegga Day200614Hedfullalicker (151.61-65.6)
1886The Hip201814Post Mortem (154.16-68.16)
1985.82Post Mortem201413Double D (142.8-56.98)
2085.62Chain Smoking Patch Junkies20184Double D (187.83-102.21)
Least Victory Margin
10.01Winning Beer Money20145Hedfullalicker (88.05-88.04)
20.02Hedfullalicker20167Camel Toe (95.54-95.52)
30.03Camel Toe20213The Hip (117.89-117.86)
40.14Tappa Kegga Day20158Turd Ferguson (103.94-103.8)
50.18Winning Beer Money20056Duany Duany Tanning (84.43-84.25)
6 (tie)0.20Sharp as a Bowling Ball200412Sken's Irish Alley Pissers (103.1-102.9)
 0.20Hedfullalicker20171The Last Jedi (83.19-82.99)
8 (tie)0.21Double D20123Duany Duany Tanning (81.3-81.09)
 0.21Chain Smoking Patch Junkies20218Tappa Kegga Day (74.44-74.23)
10 (tie)0.23Winning Beer Money20059Sharp as a Bowling Ball (69.45-69.22)
 0.23Tappa Kegga Day201610Camel Toe (81.45-81.22)
120.24Double D20088Camel Toe (68.43-68.19)
130.28The Hip201012The Last Jedi (67.98-67.7)
14 (tie)0.30Kramerica Industries200412Turd Ferguson (102.2-101.9)
 0.30Camel Toe20199Winning Beer Money (97.73-97.43)
160.33The Hip201217Camel Toe (64.61-64.28)
17 (tie)0.35Sken's Irish Alley Pissers20063Post Mortem (70.95-70.6)
 0.35Duany Duany Tanning20092Camel Toe (89.57-89.22)
190.36Double D20129Hedfullalicker (99.4-99.04)
200.44Sken's Irish Alley Pissers200916Double D (93.04-92.6)

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