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Fantasy Premier League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1246.66Fightin' Crows201414
2240.19Fightin' Crows20153
4211.03Fightin' Crows20164
5204.89Golden State Grizzlies201515
6199Golden State Grizzlies200711
7197Texas State Armadillos20102
9193Maloof Brothers20068
10192.06The Dynasty20153
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
127Pumpkin Hookers200810
230Master of Karate200910
333Victor E's20095
436The No-Randy Ratio200517
5 (tie)39Master of Karate200613
 39For Sale20057
739.66Victor E's201213
941Master of Karate201017
10 (tie)42Master of Karate200513
 42Master of Karate20108
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
162Fightin' Crows20052Bloodhounds (62-57)
2 (tie)67Bloodhounds20089Operation Phoenix (67-63)
 67Texas State Armadillos20087Golden State Grizzlies (67-65)
468For Sale200513The No-Randy Ratio (68-62)
5 (tie)69Bloodhounds20054For Sale (69-66)
 69Fightin' Crows20094Operation Phoenix (69-62)
7 (tie)71Fightin' Crows20055The No-Randy Ratio (71-56)
 71Fightin' Crows20084Bloodhounds (71-59)
 71The Dynasty20075Fightin' Crows (71-70)
 71For Sale20068Pumpkin Hookers (71-70)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1171.76Texas State Armadillos20163Master of Karate (171.76-178.76)
2168.49Fightin' Crows201315Maloof Brothers (168.49-173.79)
3164.19Texas State Armadillos201812Fightin' Crows (164.19-169.32)
4162.92Fightin' Crows20184Bloodhounds (162.92-163.42)
5162.23Master of Karate20185Victor E's (162.23-164.69)
6161.55Bloodhounds20153Fightin' Crows (161.55-240.19)
7159Golden State Grizzlies20071Operation Phoenix (159-161)
8157.92Fightin' Crows201814Maloof Brothers (157.92-181.25)
9157.62Texas State Armadillos20182Master of Karate (157.62-162.25)
10156.06Golden State Grizzlies20148Operation Phoenix (156.06-169.29)
Most Combined Points
1401.74Fightin' Crows vs Bloodhounds (240.19-161.55)20153
2394.85Fightin' Crows vs Renegades (246.66-148.19)201414
3350.52Master of Karate vs Texas State Armadillos (178.76-171.76)20163
4342.28Maloof Brothers vs Fightin' Crows (173.79-168.49)201315
5339.17Maloof Brothers vs Fightin' Crows (181.25-157.92)201814
6333.75Mercs vs Renegades (190.63-143.12)201413
7333.51Fightin' Crows vs Texas State Armadillos (169.32-164.19)201812
8332.75Fightin' Crows vs Golden State Grizzlies (211.03-121.72)20164
9326.92Victor E's vs Master of Karate (164.69-162.23)20185
10326.34Bloodhounds vs Fightin' Crows (163.42-162.92)20184
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)119Fightin' Crows vs Bloodhounds (62-57)20052
 119Operation Phoenix vs For Sale (74-45)200510
3120The No-Randy Ratio vs Bloodhounds (73-47)20065
4122Operation Phoenix vs Master of Karate (80-42)200513
5125Victor E's vs Pumpkin Hookers (98-27)200810
6127Fightin' Crows vs The No-Randy Ratio (71-56)20055
7127.86Renegades vs Fightin' Crows (72.23-55.63)20117
8128Pumpkin Hookers vs For Sale (89-39)20057
9 (tie)130Fightin' Crows vs Bloodhounds (71-59)20084
 130Bloodhounds vs Operation Phoenix (67-63)20089
 130For Sale vs The No-Randy Ratio (68-62)200513
Victory Margin
1123.24Fightin' Crows201413Maloof Brothers (178.03-54.79)
2119.6Bloodhounds20156Maloof Brothers (177.59-57.99)
3117Mercs200914Renegades (195-78)
4113.27The Dynasty20153Maloof Brothers (192.06-78.79)
5113Golden State Grizzlies200711The Dynasty (199-86)
6108.11Pumpkin Hookers20163Operation Phoenix (171.63-63.52)
7105.59Victor E's201811Pumpkin Hookers (185.85-80.26)
8105.13Master of Karate201811Fightin' Crows (191.76-86.63)
9103.83The Dynasty20146Operation Phoenix (178.42-74.59)
10102Texas State Armadillos20102Maloof Brothers (197-95)
Least Victory Margin
10.19Victor E's20147Maloof Brothers (71.79-71.6)
20.29Victor E's20176Master of Karate (96.22-95.93)
30.34Texas State Armadillos20162Maloof Brothers (116.16-115.82)
40.42The Dynasty20184Operation Phoenix (142.65-142.23)
50.44Master of Karate201610Pumpkin Hookers (100.29-99.85)
60.50Bloodhounds20184Fightin' Crows (163.42-162.92)
70.54The Dynasty20132Victor E's (111.56-111.02)
80.57Texas State Armadillos201113Bloodhounds (108.36-107.79)
90.60Pumpkin Hookers20138Texas State Armadillos (103.89-103.29)
100.76Renegades20119Master of Karate (100.59-99.83)

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