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Roster Wars Career Records

Wins - All
Rank Wins Team Season(s)
172 England Dragons 2012-present
263 Hamilton Steel Cats 2012-present
362 Philadelphia Pigskins 2012-present
459 San Francisco Golddiggers 2012-present
556 Atlanta Africans 2012-present
653 Norfolk Bombers 2012-present
749 Minnesota Eternals 2012-present
848 Whiskey Creek Gadabouts 2012-present
947 Tarpon Springs RedKnights 2012-present
1040 Naperville Divine 2014-present
Points Scored - All Games
Rank Points Team Season(s)
135140.3 England Dragons 2012-present
233633.26 Hamilton Steel Cats 2012-present
333287.92 Philadelphia Pigskins 2012-present
432444.9 Norfolk Bombers 2012-present
531531.68 Whiskey Creek Gadabouts 2012-present
631390.58 Tarpon Springs RedKnights 2012-present
731381.82 San Francisco Golddiggers 2012-present
831099.52 Atlanta Africans 2012-present
930962.94 Minnesota Eternals 2012-present
1028623.26 Las Vegas Degenerates 2012-present
High Point Weeks - Career
Rank High Pt Weeks Team
1 (tie)7 Atlanta Africans
 7 England Dragons
 7 Philadelphia Pigskins
46 Littleton SilverBallers
55 Colorado Screaming Eagles
Wins - Division Games
Rank Wins Team Season(s)
130 England Dragons 2012-present
228 Hamilton Steel Cats 2012-present
325 San Francisco Golddiggers 2012-present
424 Philadelphia Pigskins 2012-present
523 Atlanta Africans 2012-present
6 (tie)18 Minnesota Eternals 2012-present
 18 Naperville Divine 2014-present
 18 Tarpon Springs RedKnights 2012-present
 18 Whiskey Creek Gadabouts 2012-present
10 (tie)17 Muskego Muskies 2015-present
 17 Norfolk Bombers 2012-present
Wins - Regular Season
Rank Wins Team Season(s)
159 England Dragons 2012-present
249 Philadelphia Pigskins 2012-present
3 (tie)47 Atlanta Africans 2012-present
 47 Hamilton Steel Cats 2012-present
 47 San Francisco Golddiggers 2012-present
640 Norfolk Bombers 2012-present
7 (tie)39 Minnesota Eternals 2012-present
 39 Whiskey Creek Gadabouts 2012-present
936 Tarpon Springs RedKnights 2012-present
1032 Mohawk Ridge Marauders 2012-2016
Points Scored - Regular Season
Rank Points Team Season(s)
127718.56 England Dragons 2012-present
226279.24 Philadelphia Pigskins 2012-present
326116.24 Hamilton Steel Cats 2012-present
425405.98 Atlanta Africans 2012-present
525319.28 Norfolk Bombers 2012-present
625067.22 San Francisco Golddiggers 2012-present
725022.78 Whiskey Creek Gadabouts 2012-present
824689.8 Minnesota Eternals 2012-present
924368.48 Tarpon Springs RedKnights 2012-present
1022411.92 Las Vegas Degenerates 2012-present

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