Author Topic: Individual Player Career Scoring - Historical Mapping Issues Fixed  (Read 13060 times)

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For those of you who have been patiently awaiting a resolution to the issue of player IDs fluctuating over time in the myFantasyLeague database, I have good news to report:

MFL History now has its own player ID table, and the players from MyFantasyLeague have been mapped to a single ID over time.

This means that career records for players from the early-mid 90's like Shannon Sharpe, Brett Favre, Tony Gonzalez, etc should now accurately roll-up those player performances.

NOTE: Players were mapped based on their name and position. This should be good for most instances, but in the case of a position change, the player's stats will be separate at each position that he played. I'm just not sure of a better way to do that part of this. (I also am guessing that this will have the most impact on a few IDPs)

PLEASE check your league stats if you have a career player record designed -- post a message in the support forum if you see anything out of the ordinary.