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Record Designer - Phase 1
« on: August 24, 2007, 01:33:09 AM »
NOTE: This is still a work-in-progress, but I think enough has been done in a few areas to release it now

In what represents a dramatic increase in the flexibility of the record definitions, the first phase of the "Record Designer" has been released. There are a number of components to this new feature, represented by one new menu and two new sub-menus in the Admin section.

To display custom designed records, you need to create a new tab for them. This is done using a new menu under Layout Options, titled Tab Options
  • Enter the name you would like to give the tab
  • Choose a Display Mode (all records on one page, or one record per page)
  • Choose a Column Mode (one record per column, or multiple column display) -- this previously had to be accomplished via CSS
  • Choose a Tab Order (controling the order in which the new tab appears in the tab menu)
You can also de-activate or remove a previously defined tab on this page

Record Designer
This is the guts of the new functionality. It has a ton of options that I'm going to just let all of you "play" with rather than try to explain everything in detail. There are four types of records that you can currently create:
  • Single Game
  • Single Season
  • Multiple Season or Career
  • Individual Player (including Season and Career player records)
Other than the various options, you need to give each record a name.

Tab-Record Mapping
This sub-menu also appears under Layout Options. This is where you assign custom records to custom tabs.
This area is pretty straight-forward:
1. Choose a tab
2. Choose a record
3. Choose a display order value
4. Add it to the tab

You can also remove records from the tab and change the display order here.

Support for this new feature will ONLY be provided via this support forum. Since it's so new, other users are quite likely to benefit from your questions, so I don't want to be handling issues via email, etc.

At a minimum, the following are already in the plan for this area:
- Custom Milestones
- Custom Streak records
- Edit/Copy Records functionality

I hope you enjoy this new feature -- you shouldn't be able to break anything by playing with it, so use it and let me know what kinds of things you'd like to see added!