Author Topic: NOTICE: Migrating to a new server this week (November 26-30)  (Read 11311 times)

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NOTICE: Migrating to a new server this week (November 26-30)
« on: November 26, 2012, 04:56:41 PM »
Due to some changes with the current MFL History web hosting provider, I will be moving the site to a new server this week. I've already done a test run of the migration and have things working on the new server, so I'm pretty confident that the transition will be a smooth one.

I will, however, need to take down the Admin panel on the current site while making the actual transition. This way, I can ensure that you won't lose any changes during the move.

I'm hoping to do the site move on Monday night (Nov 26), but it's possible it may be delayed until Tuesday.

You'll know the process has started when you can't get to your Admin view anymore.

Once the migration is complete, I will post a message to this forum (which is also moving), and your Admin panel will be back.

After the move, please let me know if you notice anything not working properly and I'll look into it as quickly as I can.

Sorry for the hasty nature of this move, but if I don't transition things now, it'll all disappear on Nov 30... so, there's some urgency!  :)