Author Topic: If you are having problems with the PayPal Renewal Link  (Read 12439 times)

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If you are having problems with the PayPal Renewal Link
« on: July 09, 2012, 01:26:32 PM »
I've received a couple of support questions from people who have been unable to get the PayPal link to work to process their league renewal. With some additional investigative input from one of those users, I believe I now understand why some of you are encountering this issue (and how to get your renewal to work).

You must access your MFL History account directly from an URL for the PayPal button to work properly.

Some users have the MFL History site embedded into their myFantasyLeague setup (typically via iFrame within the Additional League History or Custom Home Page message areas). From within that embedded version, you can access your admin menu and make modifications to your MFL History setup, import new seasons, etc. BUT, you may not be able to renew the site from there.

A few suggestions for those of you who may have forgotten your actual MFL History URL once it was embedded into your MFL site:
  • If you right click on the "Admin Menu" link and choose Open in New Tab (or Window), it should open the MFL History site at its own URL
  • If you know your MFL History ID (not the same as your myFantasyLeague ID), you can access your league at (where ### is your MFL History ID)
  • You can go to and Search for you league name from the home page. This searches only MFL History sites, and will bring you directly to your site.

My assumption is that this is due to some PayPal security ensuring that transactions aren't initiated from a different domain, which would likely be a big time spammer strategy.

I hope this proves helpful to anyone else who runs into this problem.