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Arrested Devyment 3: The Reckoning Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1888.73St. Louis Barnstormers20182
2877.33St. Louis Barnstormers20187
3866.18Los Angeles Gladiators20181
4836.18St. Louis Barnstormers201810
5835.24St. Louis Barnstormers20184
6834.81Chernobyl Boom20184
7829.49Muskegon Muff Divers201811
8816.16St. Louis Barnstormers20186
9810.31Corpus Christi Fury20184
10807.78Eveleth Elks20182
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1239.82Sydney Swans201811
2265.05Sydney Swans201810
3274.16Sydney Swans20189
4276.47Sydney Swans201812
5282.64Sydney Swans20188
6303.27Sydney Swans20183
7307.35Sydney Swans20182
8331.86Sydney Swans20186
9332.94Sydney Swans20184
10364.53Sydney Swans20181
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1396.28Evansville Knights20189Sydney Swans (396.28-274.16)
2433.17Morocco Madmen20188Sydney Swans (433.17-282.64)
3463.18Morocco Madmen20189Red Devil Disco Biscuits (463.18-459.92)
4485.66Gaylordsville Rearguard20189Paris Pretty Princesses (485.66-416.2)
5506.65Valladolid Vandals201811New Zealand All Blacks (506.65-476.29)
6534.27Shaolin Golden Eagles20189Sacksonville Jaguars (534.27-448.87)
7551.22Chichester Crusaders 201811Paris Pretty Princesses (551.22-442.47)
8557.24Amazon Anacondas201810New Zealand All Blacks (557.24-520.35)
9557.64Red Devil Disco Biscuits20187Paris Pretty Princesses (557.64-490.92)
10560.9Valladolid Vandals20189New Zealand All Blacks (560.9-550.68)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1772.94Eveleth Elks20184Gaylordsville Rearguard (772.94-777.22)
2765.81Eveleth Elks20189Muskegon Muff Divers (765.81-794.03)
3746.96St. Louis Barnstormers201812Corpus Christi Fury (746.96-766.59)
4743.39Los Angeles Gladiators20182Corpus Christi Fury (743.39-790.44)
5738.09Eveleth Elks20183Seattle Kraken (738.09-769.93)
6732.23Sacksonville Jaguars20181Kentucky Klondike Bars (732.23-754.51)
7730.29Red Devil Disco Biscuits20181Eire Rebels (730.29-778.5)
8728.75Eveleth Elks20185St. Louis Barnstormers (728.75-767.39)
9727.81Fayettenam Pirates20181Sacksonville Jaguars (727.81-732.23)
10726.47Orange County Dylly Wackers20181Eveleth Elks (726.47-737.06)
Most Combined Points
11575.49St. Louis Barnstormers vs Geneva Bass Fishermen (888.73-686.76)20182
21559.84Muskegon Muff Divers vs Eveleth Elks (794.03-765.81)20189
31550.16Gaylordsville Rearguard vs Eveleth Elks (777.22-772.94)20184
41545.13St. Louis Barnstormers vs Muskegon Muff Divers (877.33-667.8)20187
51543.81Chernobyl Boom vs Red Devil Disco Biscuits (834.81-709)20184
61533.83Corpus Christi Fury vs Los Angeles Gladiators (790.44-743.39)20182
71513.55Corpus Christi Fury vs St. Louis Barnstormers (766.59-746.96)201812
81512.43Barbados Buccaneers vs St. Louis Barnstormers (803.82-708.61)20181
91508.79Eire Rebels vs Red Devil Disco Biscuits (778.5-730.29)20181
101508.02Seattle Kraken vs Eveleth Elks (769.93-738.09)20183
Fewest Combined Points
1670.44Evansville Knights vs Sydney Swans (396.28-274.16)20189
2715.81Morocco Madmen vs Sydney Swans (433.17-282.64)20188
3848.06Valladolid Vandals vs Sydney Swans (571.59-276.47)201812
4872.38Chernobyl Boom vs Sydney Swans (607.33-265.05)201810
5887.05Kentucky Klondike Bars vs Sydney Swans (647.23-239.82)201811
6901.86Gaylordsville Rearguard vs Paris Pretty Princesses (485.66-416.2)20189
7904.98Los Angeles Gladiators vs Sydney Swans (601.71-303.27)20183
8923.1Morocco Madmen vs Red Devil Disco Biscuits (463.18-459.92)20189
9958.06Shaolin Golden Eagles vs Sydney Swans (650.71-307.35)20182
10979.97Barbados Buccaneers vs Sydney Swans (676.7-303.27)20183
Victory Margin
1453.25Eire Rebels20182Sydney Swans (760.6-307.35)
2452.22Eire Rebels20184Sydney Swans (785.16-332.94)
3407.41Kentucky Klondike Bars201811Sydney Swans (647.23-239.82)
4399.2Muskegon Muff Divers201811Morocco Madmen (829.49-430.29)
5373.43Barbados Buccaneers20183Sydney Swans (676.7-303.27)
6343.36Shaolin Golden Eagles20182Sydney Swans (650.71-307.35)
7342.28Chernobyl Boom201810Sydney Swans (607.33-265.05)
8324.95Amazon Anacondas20186Sydney Swans (656.81-331.86)
9298.44Los Angeles Gladiators20183Sydney Swans (601.71-303.27)
10295.12Valladolid Vandals201812Sydney Swans (571.59-276.47)
Least Victory Margin
10.21Los Angeles Gladiators201810Chichester Crusaders (661.08-660.87)
20.22New Zealand All Blacks20188Paris Pretty Princesses (572.37-572.15)
30.39Seattle Kraken20188Eire Rebels (693.19-692.8)
43.05Orange County Dylly Wackers20186Fayettenam Pirates (665.1-662.05)
53.26Morocco Madmen20189Red Devil Disco Biscuits (463.18-459.92)
6 (tie)4.28Seattle Kraken20181Shanghai Warriors (700.21-695.93)
 4.28Gaylordsville Rearguard20184Eveleth Elks (777.22-772.94)
84.42Sacksonville Jaguars20181Fayettenam Pirates (732.23-727.81)
94.77Corpus Christi Fury20185Kentucky Klondike Bars (717.37-712.6)
105.77Kentucky Klondike Bars20184Orange County Dylly Wackers (731.38-725.61)

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