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The Gridiron Syndicate Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1483.24The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.020185
2457.1The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.020186
3447.75The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.020184
4444.14Sua Cravens New Nightmare201813
5442.05The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0201810
6441.02Sua Cravens New Nightmare201815
7433.95The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.020188
8429.2Aint Got Time To Bleed201811
9423.18Sua Cravens New Nightmare20182
10422.3The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0201811
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1186.11Dead Pooligans201710
2189.99Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood201812
3198.2Dat Dude20179
4199.88Crabcakes & Football 20171
5201.12Crabcakes & Football 20173
6207.1Dat Dude20172
7207.71Crabcakes & Football 201715
8208.45Peytons Champs20173
9210.35Peytons Champs201816
10217.2Crabcakes & Football 201717
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1226.65Peytons Champs201717Crabcakes & Football (226.65-217.2)
2247.68Sua Cravens New Nightmare201712Crabcakes & Football (247.68-246.28)
3247.85Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood20188Peytons Champs (247.85-239.15)
4248.09Sua Cravens New Nightmare201713Dat Dude (248.09-247.6)
5256.82mrr_53ri0u520171Dat Dude (256.82-238.95)
6256.9Peytons Champs201710Dead Pooligans (256.9-186.11)
7258.67Legends OF The Gridiron20175Dead Pooligans (258.67-218.62)
8259.15Peytons Champs20176Dat Dude (259.15-233.78)
9262.65Dat Dude201717Dead Pooligans (262.65-236.08)
10265.89Dead Pooligans20179Dat Dude (265.89-198.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1385.85Dat Dude20184Sua Cravens New Nightmare (385.85-395.7)
2380.34Aint Got Time To Bleed201810The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0 (380.34-442.05)
3378.24Sua Cravens New Nightmare20181The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0 (378.24-386.8)
4375.49Legends OF The Gridiron201814Sua Cravens New Nightmare (375.49-399.74)
5372.04Legends OF The Gridiron20186Aint Got Time To Bleed (372.04-401.1)
6372Legends OF The Gridiron201816Sua Cravens New Nightmare (372-417.67)
7369.9Dead Pooligans20188Aint Got Time To Bleed (369.9-407.67)
8369.32Sua Cravens New Nightmare20183mrr_53ri0u5 (369.32-376.94)
9358.06Legends OF The Gridiron20181Dead Pooligans (358.06-365.05)
10351.15Aint Got Time To Bleed20189Sua Cravens New Nightmare (351.15-395.09)
Most Combined Points
1822.39The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0 vs Aint Got Time To Bleed (442.05-380.34)201810
2821.74The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0 vs Sua Cravens New Nightmare (483.24-338.5)20185
3789.67Sua Cravens New Nightmare vs Legends OF The Gridiron (417.67-372)201816
4781.55Sua Cravens New Nightmare vs Dat Dude (395.7-385.85)20184
5777.57Aint Got Time To Bleed vs Dead Pooligans (407.67-369.9)20188
6775.23Sua Cravens New Nightmare vs Legends OF The Gridiron (399.74-375.49)201814
7773.14Aint Got Time To Bleed vs Legends OF The Gridiron (401.1-372.04)20186
8767.02Aint Got Time To Bleed vs mrr_53ri0u5 (429.2-337.82)201811
9765.04The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0 vs Sua Cravens New Nightmare (386.8-378.24)20181
10759.32Sua Cravens New Nightmare vs The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0 (441.02-318.3)201815
Fewest Combined Points
1443.01Peytons Champs vs Dead Pooligans (256.9-186.11)201710
2443.85Peytons Champs vs Crabcakes & Football (226.65-217.2)201717
3464.09Dead Pooligans vs Dat Dude (265.89-198.2)20179
4477.29Legends OF The Gridiron vs Dead Pooligans (258.67-218.62)20175
5487Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood vs Peytons Champs (247.85-239.15)20188
6492.93Peytons Champs vs Dat Dude (259.15-233.78)20176
7493.96Sua Cravens New Nightmare vs Crabcakes & Football (247.68-246.28)201712
8495.69Sua Cravens New Nightmare vs Dat Dude (248.09-247.6)201713
9495.77mrr_53ri0u5 vs Dat Dude (256.82-238.95)20171
10496.45Dead Pooligans vs Crabcakes & Football (276.2-220.25)201811
Victory Margin
1170.95Legends OF The Gridiron20171Crabcakes & Football (370.83-199.88)
2170.58Dat Dude201812Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood (360.57-189.99)
3167.61Aint Got Time To Bleed201814Crabcakes & Football (412.15-244.54)
4167.38The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.020186Dead Pooligans (457.1-289.72)
5166.08The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0201811Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood (422.3-256.22)
6165.15The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.020184Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood (447.75-282.6)
7144.74The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.020185Sua Cravens New Nightmare (483.24-338.5)
8142.7The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.020188Dat Dude (433.95-291.25)
9138.64Sua Cravens New Nightmare201813Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood (444.14-305.5)
10128.74Sua Cravens New Nightmare201812Dead Pooligans (417.24-288.5)
Least Victory Margin
10.49Sua Cravens New Nightmare201713Dat Dude (248.09-247.6)
21.40Sua Cravens New Nightmare201712Crabcakes & Football (247.68-246.28)
32.19Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood20176Legends OF The Gridiron (275.65-273.46)
42.53The Talented Mr. Cubito 2.0201717Sua Cravens New Nightmare (275.69-273.16)
53.58mrr_53ri0u520175Crabcakes & Football (332.1-328.52)
64.52Peytons Champs20187mrr_53ri0u5 (336.12-331.6)
74.85Aint Got Time To Bleed201715Legends OF The Gridiron (298.5-293.65)
85.21Aint Got Time To Bleed20172Legends OF The Gridiron (273.7-268.49)
96.99Dead Pooligans20181Legends OF The Gridiron (365.05-358.06)
107.45Sua Cravens New Nightmare20171Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood (290.7-283.25)

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