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Gallitzin Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1204.24Vince's Team20182
2191.1Gib's Team20181
3190.78Vince's Team20184
4190.16Dylan's Team20184
5189.06Josh's Team201810
6184.24Vince's Team20189
7178.82Dylan's Team201812
8178.52Dollar's Team201710
9175.62Dollar's Team20186
10173.22Vince's Team20186
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
131.26Dylan's Team201711
254.52Dylan's Team201710
360.74Dan's Team201710
463.04Pat's Team20175
563.36Dan's Team20186
668.46Dylan's Team20179
768.66Dylan's Team201713
872.78Joe's Team20178
972.84Dan's Team20189
1072.98Dauber's Team20176
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.74Dan's Team201710Dylan's Team (60.74-54.52)
287.18Pat's Team201711Dylan's Team (87.18-31.26)
3105.74Gib's Team20179Dylan's Team (105.74-68.46)
4110.08Joe's Team20177Vince's Team (110.08-103.78)
5110.18Pat's Team20171Dan's Team (110.18-94.34)
6111.38Dan's Team201812Joe's Team (111.38-103.44)
7112.44Dauber's Team201811Dan's Team (112.44-73.08)
8112.92Joe's Team201811Dollar's Team (112.92-109.28)
9113.4Dan's Team20181Dylan's Team (113.4-107.6)
10113.64Josh's Team20186Dan's Team (113.64-63.36)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1168.16Derek's Team201812Dylan's Team (168.16-178.82)
2160.28Joe's Team20186Vince's Team (160.28-173.22)
3154.12Gib's Team201811Dylan's Team (154.12-165.5)
4152.34Joe's Team20184Derek's Team (152.34-155.94)
5151.8Derek's Team20181Gib's Team (151.8-191.1)
6148.34Vince's Team20188Dylan's Team (148.34-165.82)
7148Vince's Team201811Josh's Team (148-167.8)
8147.7Pat's Team201811Derek's Team (147.7-166.82)
9147Derek's Team201810Josh's Team (147-189.06)
10145.9Gib's Team20173Dollar's Team (145.9-147.36)
Most Combined Points
1346.98Dylan's Team vs Derek's Team (178.82-168.16)201812
2342.9Gib's Team vs Derek's Team (191.1-151.8)20181
3336.06Josh's Team vs Derek's Team (189.06-147)201810
4333.5Vince's Team vs Joe's Team (173.22-160.28)20186
5324.14Dylan's Team vs Pat's Team (190.16-133.98)20184
6323.76Dollar's Team vs Pat's Team (178.52-145.24)201710
7321.62Vince's Team vs Gib's Team (190.78-130.84)20184
8319.62Dylan's Team vs Gib's Team (165.5-154.12)201811
9315.8Josh's Team vs Vince's Team (167.8-148)201811
10314.52Derek's Team vs Pat's Team (166.82-147.7)201811
Fewest Combined Points
1115.26Dan's Team vs Dylan's Team (60.74-54.52)201710
2118.44Pat's Team vs Dylan's Team (87.18-31.26)201711
3174.2Gib's Team vs Dylan's Team (105.74-68.46)20179
4177Josh's Team vs Dan's Team (113.64-63.36)20186
5185.52Dauber's Team vs Dan's Team (112.44-73.08)201811
6186.84Dauber's Team vs Dylan's Team (118.18-68.66)201713
7188.58Gib's Team vs Dan's Team (115.74-72.84)20189
8192.98Dauber's Team vs Dan's Team (119.9-73.08)20187
9200.54Joe's Team vs Dan's Team (125.66-74.88)20176
10204.52Pat's Team vs Dan's Team (110.18-94.34)20171
Victory Margin
196.78Vince's Team20182Dauber's Team (204.24-107.46)
283.3Dylan's Team20178Joe's Team (156.08-72.78)
380.36Vince's Team20175Pat's Team (143.4-63.04)
471.72Gib's Team20176Dauber's Team (144.7-72.98)
566.52Josh's Team20178Derek's Team (155-88.48)
663.96Josh's Team20181Dollar's Team (168.64-104.68)
763.42Josh's Team201711Dauber's Team (165.52-102.1)
862.06Joe's Team20187Josh's Team (170.94-108.88)
961.98Vince's Team20174Derek's Team (158.56-96.58)
1060.2Vince's Team20189Josh's Team (184.24-124.04)
Least Victory Margin
10.22Dollar's Team20171Vince's Team (121.92-121.7)
20.84Derek's Team20187Vince's Team (134.62-133.78)
31.02Dauber's Team20189Dollar's Team (135.36-134.34)
41.32Joe's Team201814Josh's Team (118.22-116.9)
51.46Dollar's Team20173Gib's Team (147.36-145.9)
61.74Gib's Team201810Joe's Team (134.8-133.06)
71.78Dollar's Team20187Pat's Team (128.94-127.16)
82.04Dauber's Team20186Derek's Team (145.46-143.42)
92.74Vince's Team20185Dollar's Team (146.94-144.2)
102.82Josh's Team20173Dylan's Team (135.22-132.4)

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