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Straight Cash Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1312.35The Brandon Administration201810
2311.42Mr. Chip Douglas201813
3308.37The Pterodactyls20164
4304.18The Brandon Administration20184
5293.89Dababetes Type II20184
6293.01Lockett Up201610
7291.99Dababetes Type II20188
8289.35WYLD STALLYNS201814
9282.62Mr. Chip Douglas201612
10282.5Mr. Chip Douglas20169
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1109.92NWO 4 Life201614
2119.54Lockett Up201710
3121.51The Brandon Administration201710
4129.91The Brandon Administration201614
5139.12Lockett Up201711
6139.7NWO 4 Life20179
7143.58Mr. Chip Douglas201716
8143.8Lockett Up201712
9148.03WYLD STALLYNS20164
10148.14Lockett Up20176
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1161.01The Pterodactyls20171The Poop Swatches (161.01-159.53)
2163.97The Brandon Administration201712Lockett Up (163.97-143.8)
3174.27Lockett Up201614The Brandon Administration (174.27-129.91)
4176.6WYLD STALLYNS201614NWO 4 Life (176.6-109.92)
5180.17Mr. Chip Douglas20186WYLD STALLYNS (180.17-161.15)
6180.3The Poop Swatches20174WYLD STALLYNS (180.3-171.19)
7183.14The Brandon Administration20185Dababetes Type II (183.14-182.45)
8184.45NWO 4 Life20172The Pterodactyls (184.45-177.44)
9185.76Dababetes Type II20164The Poop Swatches (185.76-154.96)
10185.77The Brandon Administration201713WYLD STALLYNS (185.77-180.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1266.09The Pterodactyls20176Dababetes Type II (266.09-267.29)
2259.92NWO 4 Life201812WYLD STALLYNS (259.92-263.41)
3254.61The Pterodactyls201814The Brandon Administration (254.61-260.17)
4250.08Dababetes Type II20182WYLD STALLYNS (250.08-250.78)
5242.37Mr. Chip Douglas201715Dababetes Type II (242.37-246.19)
6239.83The Brandon Administration201816Lockett Up (239.83-281.03)
7239.78NWO 4 Life20185WYLD STALLYNS (239.78-246.61)
8239.54The Pterodactyls20181WYLD STALLYNS (239.54-248.23)
9239.2The Pterodactyls201815Lockett Up (239.2-253.74)
10238.07Lockett Up20182The Poop Swatches (238.07-242.57)
Victory Margin
1113.66The Pterodactyls20164Mr. Chip Douglas (308.37-194.71)
2106.16Mr. Chip Douglas201710Dababetes Type II (264.48-158.32)
3104.32NWO 4 Life201810The Poop Swatches (271.98-167.66)
4101.89Mr. Chip Douglas201813WYLD STALLYNS (311.42-209.53)
5100.28The Pterodactyls20161Mr. Chip Douglas (274.89-174.61)
6100.1NWO 4 Life201715The Pterodactyls (262.45-162.35)
799.79WYLD STALLYNS201814The Poop Swatches (289.35-189.56)
897.29The Pterodactyls201716Mr. Chip Douglas (240.87-143.58)
992.74The Brandon Administration201810WYLD STALLYNS (312.35-219.61)
1091.44Mr. Chip Douglas201614The Poop Swatches (247.36-155.92)
Least Victory Margin
10.01The Poop Swatches201711WYLD STALLYNS (202.16-202.15)
20.69The Brandon Administration20185Dababetes Type II (183.14-182.45)
30.70WYLD STALLYNS20182Dababetes Type II (250.78-250.08)
40.72The Pterodactyls20187The Brandon Administration (203.32-202.6)
50.92NWO 4 Life201816The Pterodactyls (218.26-217.34)
61.15Dababetes Type II201610Mr. Chip Douglas (217.46-216.31)
71.20Dababetes Type II20176The Pterodactyls (267.29-266.09)
81.39The Brandon Administration20163The Pterodactyls (234.15-232.76)
91.48The Pterodactyls20171The Poop Swatches (161.01-159.53)
101.58WYLD STALLYNS20179Dababetes Type II (216.1-214.52)

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