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High Country Tavern Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1212.4AFC MadDog 20/2020186
2211.85NFC MadDog 20/20201712
3197.65AFC Endzoners 201813
4197.35AFC Endzoners 20152
5189.2AFC MILE HEISMEN 20153
6184.6AFC Fieldmarshalls201513
7183.75AFC Deez Nutz20164
8182.35NFC Dansville Dawgs 201812
9182.05NFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer20181
10181.15NFC Fieldmarshalls 201713
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
141.75AFC Dansville Dawgs20179
245AFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer201817
345.5AFC Moose Knuckles 20176
448.1NFC Moose Knuckles 20173
548.35NFC Enforcers 20172
651.75AFC Enforcers20179
754.2AFC Moose Knuckles 20173
855.5NFC Not Done Yet...201815
956.95NFC Endzoners 20178
1057.25NFC Deez Nutz 20177
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
159.7AFC Bad Hammy20173AFC Moose Knuckles (59.7-54.2)
261.05NFC Dansville Dawgs 201815NFC Not Done Yet... (61.05-55.5)
362.4NFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer20173NFC Moose Knuckles (62.4-48.1)
474.1NFC Enforcers 201710NFC MILE HEISMEN (74.1-74)
575.55NFC Dansville Dawgs 20183NFC Not Done Yet... (75.55-61.95)
675.8AFC Moose Knuckles 20185AFC Bad Hammy (75.8-69.45)
776.65AFC Fieldmarshalls20177AFC Bad Hammy (76.65-75.55)
876.9AFC Fire Brigade201511AFC Dansville Dawgs (76.9-61.4)
977.8AFC Fieldmarshalls201710AFC Enforcers (77.8-71.8)
1078.2AFC Not Done Yet...20154AFC Fieldmarshalls (78.2-70.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1154.35NFC MadDog 20/20201816NFC MILE HEISMEN (154.35-164.9)
2153.4AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans 20184AFC Bad Hammy (153.4-170.25)
3151.95NFC Deez Nutz 20181NFC Moose Knuckles (151.95-164.25)
4149.35AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans 20186AFC Not Done Yet... (149.35-166.5)
5147.6AFC Endzoners 201610AFC Enforcers (147.6-150.5)
6145.55AFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer201515AFC Deez Nutz (145.55-155.15)
7145.5AFC MadDog 20/2020184AFC Not Done Yet... (145.5-155.2)
8143.55AFC Bad Hammy20186AFC Fieldmarshalls (143.55-147.35)
9142.2AFC Deez Nutz20163AFC Bad Hammy (142.2-152.5)
10141.2AFC Moose Knuckles 20164AFC Deez Nutz (141.2-183.75)
Most Combined Points
1337.95NFC MadDog 20/20 vs NFC Not Done Yet... (211.85-126.1)201712
2324.95AFC Deez Nutz vs AFC Moose Knuckles (183.75-141.2)20164
3323.7AFC MadDog 20/20 vs AFC Deez Nutz (212.4-111.3)20186
4323.65AFC Bad Hammy vs AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (170.25-153.4)20184
5319.25NFC MILE HEISMEN vs NFC MadDog 20/20 (164.9-154.35)201816
6316.55AFC MadDog 20/20 vs AFC MILE HEISMEN (175.9-140.65)201811
7316.2NFC Moose Knuckles vs NFC Deez Nutz (164.25-151.95)20181
8315.85AFC Not Done Yet... vs AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (166.5-149.35)20186
9314.25AFC Fieldmarshalls vs AFC MILE HEISMEN (184.6-129.65)201513
10312.35AFC MILE HEISMEN vs AFC Deez Nutz (172.45-139.9)20157
Fewest Combined Points
1110.5NFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer vs NFC Moose Knuckles (62.4-48.1)20173
2113.9AFC Bad Hammy vs AFC Moose Knuckles (59.7-54.2)20173
3116.55NFC Dansville Dawgs vs NFC Not Done Yet... (61.05-55.5)201815
4137.5NFC Dansville Dawgs vs NFC Not Done Yet... (75.55-61.95)20183
5138.3AFC Fire Brigade vs AFC Dansville Dawgs (76.9-61.4)201511
6145.25AFC Moose Knuckles vs AFC Bad Hammy (75.8-69.45)20185
7148.1NFC Enforcers vs NFC MILE HEISMEN (74.1-74)201710
8148.5AFC Fieldmarshalls vs AFC Moose Knuckles (80.35-68.15)20174
9148.7AFC Not Done Yet... vs AFC Fieldmarshalls (78.2-70.5)20154
10149.6AFC Fieldmarshalls vs AFC Enforcers (77.8-71.8)201710
Victory Margin
1101.1AFC MadDog 20/2020186AFC Deez Nutz (212.4-111.3)
2101AFC Endzoners 201813AFC MILE HEISMEN (197.65-96.65)
396.3AFC Not Done Yet...201510AFC Dansville Dawgs (165.2-68.9)
496.1AFC Bad Hammy20155AFC Not Done Yet... (169.75-73.65)
591.65AFC Endzoners 201811AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (169.75-78.1)
689.75AFC MILE HEISMEN 20153AFC Fieldmarshalls (189.2-99.45)
788.7AFC Endzoners 20152AFC Fire Brigade (197.35-108.65)
887.8AFC Not Done Yet...201715AFC Endzoners (171.7-83.9)
986.75AFC Enforcers201510AFC Bad Hammy (157.7-70.95)
1086.2AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans 201810AFC All I Do Is Win... (173.3-87.1)
Least Victory Margin
10.05AFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer201612AFC Bad Hammy (125.35-125.3)
2 (tie)0.10AFC Moose Knuckles 201713AFC Bad Hammy (86.35-86.25)
 0.10NFC Enforcers 201710NFC MILE HEISMEN (74.1-74)
40.15AFC MILE HEISMEN 20151AFC Bad Hammy (93-92.85)
50.20AFC Fieldmarshalls201610AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (133.6-133.4)
60.35AFC Moose Knuckles 20167AFC Bad Hammy (98-97.65)
7 (tie)0.40AFC Endzoners 20167AFC Not Done Yet... (133.3-132.9)
 0.40NFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer20183NFC Krazy Ass Mexicans (118.35-117.95)
9 (tie)0.55AFC MILE HEISMEN 201611AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (91.9-91.35)
 0.55AFC Deez Nutz20173AFC Enforcers (127.2-126.65)

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