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Sizzle's DICK League (Dynasty Including Contracts & Keepers) Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1197.9TD's N Beer201810
2195.5COBRA KAI20182
3192.4A team has no name20165
4186.35Junkyard Dogs20184
5185Bayside Ballhogs20189
6183.7A team has no name201611
7182.8Gonna Nguyen20184
8182.2Gonna Nguyen20185
9180.75Gonna Nguyen20173
10180.65Gonna Nguyen201612
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
157.3Lounge Lizards201613
260.85Drunken Leprechauns201811
367.85Gonna Nguyen20178
469.55Lounge Lizards201611
669.95Gonna Nguyen201815
770.7Lounge Lizards20175
872.05Opie Nation20187
1076.15Opie Nation20183
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
194.6Junkyard Dogs201611Lounge Lizards (94.6-69.55)
297.5Bayside Ballhogs20171Air McNairs (97.5-88.4)
398.5Insane Asylum20165TD's N Beer (98.5-96.2)
4 (tie)102.35TD's N Beer20172Sizzle (102.35-86.65)
 102.35TD's N Beer20172Bayside Ballhogs (102.35-100.3)
6106.6Air McNairs201614Insane Asylum (106.6-95.4)
7106.65Lounge Lizards201716Moneyballs (106.65-89.65)
8107.45COBRA KAI20171Gonna Nguyen (107.45-83.3)
9108.05A team has no name201712Air McNairs (108.05-105.7)
10 (tie)109.3Sizzle20179COBRA KAI (109.3-83.5)
 109.3Sizzle20179Insane Asylum (109.3-97.15)
 109.3COBRA KAI20173Junkyard Dogs (109.3-101.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1171.2Moneyballs20186Insane Asylum (171.2-175.65)
2169.5A team has no name20188Lounge Lizards (169.5-171.7)
3167.25Bayside Ballhogs201816Insane Asylum (167.25-175.95)
4165.3Sizzle20165A team has no name (165.3-192.4)
5164.15Moneyballs201810TD's N Beer (164.15-197.9)
6161.3COBRA KAI20184Gonna Nguyen (161.3-182.8)
7 (tie)160.45Insane Asylum201611Opie Nation (160.45-161.45)
 160.45Insane Asylum201611A team has no name (160.45-183.7)
9159.8Moneyballs20163A team has no name (159.8-169.15)
10158.7Opie Nation20186Lounge Lizards (158.7-165.4)
Most Combined Points
1362.05TD's N Beer vs Moneyballs (197.9-164.15)201810
2357.7A team has no name vs Sizzle (192.4-165.3)20165
3346.85Insane Asylum vs Moneyballs (175.65-171.2)20186
4344.15A team has no name vs Insane Asylum (183.7-160.45)201611
5344.1Gonna Nguyen vs COBRA KAI (182.8-161.3)20184
6343.2Insane Asylum vs Bayside Ballhogs (175.95-167.25)201816
7341.2Lounge Lizards vs A team has no name (171.7-169.5)20188
8336.55Junkyard Dogs vs Insane Asylum (186.35-150.2)20184
9331.75Gonna Nguyen vs Junkyard Dogs (180.65-151.1)201612
10330.6COBRA KAI vs Drunken Leprechauns (177.8-152.8)20187
Fewest Combined Points
1164.15Junkyard Dogs vs Lounge Lizards (94.6-69.55)201611
2181.95TD's N Beer vs Drunken Leprechauns (121.1-60.85)201811
3185.9Bayside Ballhogs vs Air McNairs (97.5-88.4)20171
4187.75Junkyard Dogs vs Gonna Nguyen (119.9-67.85)20178
5189TD's N Beer vs Sizzle (102.35-86.65)20172
6189.05Opie Nation vs Lounge Lizards (131.75-57.3)201613
7189.3TD's N Beer vs Opie Nation (113.15-76.15)20183
8190.75COBRA KAI vs Gonna Nguyen (107.45-83.3)20171
9192.8Sizzle vs COBRA KAI (109.3-83.5)20179
10194.65Junkyard Dogs vs Opie Nation (118.5-76.15)20183
Victory Margin
1105.75COBRA KAI20187Opie Nation (177.8-72.05)
299.75A team has no name201611COBRA KAI (183.7-83.95)
393.9Gonna Nguyen20187Opie Nation (165.95-72.05)
491.8Insane Asylum201815Gonna Nguyen (161.75-69.95)
588.9Moneyballs201811Drunken Leprechauns (149.75-60.85)
683.25Insane Asylum201811A team has no name (167.9-84.65)
781.4Bayside Ballhogs201813A team has no name (159.55-78.15)
879.1Junkyard Dogs20168TD's N Beer (169.25-90.15)
978.75Opie Nation20167Gonna Nguyen (160.7-81.95)
1076.65Lounge Lizards20174Sizzle (163.7-87.05)
Least Victory Margin
10.35Junkyard Dogs20176COBRA KAI (125.05-124.7)
20.50Sizzle20169Opie Nation (124.3-123.8)
30.60Moneyballs201614Opie Nation (122.5-121.9)
40.95Junkyard Dogs20163Opie Nation (116.2-115.25)
51Opie Nation201611Insane Asylum (161.45-160.45)
61.35A team has no name20186Bayside Ballhogs (129.35-128)
71.60Junkyard Dogs20167A team has no name (151.4-149.8)
81.70TD's N Beer20184Moneyballs (122.95-121.25)
92Insane Asylum20189Gonna Nguyen (137.75-135.75)
102.05TD's N Beer20172Bayside Ballhogs (102.35-100.3)

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