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The Bar Stool Quarterbacks FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1266.05NorCal Broncos200610
2265.55Stiff Sock20147
3265.2Stay Thirsty!201414
4262.75The Reapers20071
5261.45The Scorpions20153
6257.7Mann of Steel201515
7255.05The Bristol Bloods201414
8254.7The Reapers20148
9254Mann of Steel201510
10251.85The Scorpions201414
Most Combined Points
1506.9The Bristol Bloods vs The Scorpions (255.05-251.85)201414
2471.15Stiff Sock vs The Scorpions (265.55-205.6)20147
3470.1Stay Thirsty! vs Stiff Sock (265.2-204.9)201414
4467.2Stay Thirsty! vs BuckShots (245.15-222.05)201515
5456.75BuckShots vs Stay Thirsty! (231-225.75)201216
6431The Bristol Bloods vs Stay Thirsty! (221.25-209.75)20159
7430.5Mann of Steel vs BuckShots (227.8-202.7)20148
8430.3The Reapers vs Stiff Sock (254.7-175.6)20148
9429.45The Scorpions vs Stay Thirsty! (233.55-195.9)201413
10423.9The Reapers vs Stay Thirsty! (233.05-190.85)20145
Victory Margin
1160.05NorCal Broncos200610Stiff Sock (266.05-106)
2146.05Natural Porn Hustla201714The Hitmen (225.35-79.3)
3132.75The Reapers20071Riders on the Storm (262.75-130)
4129.35The Scorpions20153The Bristol Bloods (261.45-132.1)
5128.95NorCal Broncos20096The Scorpions (233.9-104.95)
6126.1The Reapers200615Natural Porn Hustla (195.4-69.3)
7115.5Stiff Sock201311The Scorpions (215.25-99.75)
8115.45The Landsharks20131Stay Thirsty! (233.6-118.15)
9114.2BuckShots20129The Reapers (245-130.8)
10112.95The Scorpions20144The Bristol Bloods (208.2-95.25)
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
119NorCal Broncos20052
220Charred Walls of the Damned20052
3 (tie)21NorCal Broncos200511
 21GG 200520051
5 (tie)23NorCal Broncos20051
 23Riders on the Storm20059
724Riders on the Storm200511
8 (tie)25Mann of Steel20054
 25Stiff Sock20051
1026Riders on the Storm20054
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
133The Reapers20055NorCal Broncos (33-31)
235Stiff Sock200510Mann of Steel (35-33)
339NorCal Broncos200517Charred Walls of the Damned (39-33)
444Mann of Steel200516The Scorpions (44-41)
545Pete & Booth200517The Scorpions (45-30)
646Stiff Sock200515Lakeland's Finest (46-32)
7 (tie)50Riders on the Storm200513The Reapers (50-44)
 50Riders on the Storm200514Lakeland's Finest (50-41)
 50Pete & Booth20057Stiff Sock (50-42)
1052The Reapers20059Lakeland's Finest (52-45)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1251.85The Scorpions201414The Bristol Bloods (251.85-255.05)
2225.75Stay Thirsty!201216BuckShots (225.75-231)
3222.05BuckShots201515Stay Thirsty! (222.05-245.15)
4209.75Stay Thirsty!20159The Bristol Bloods (209.75-221.25)
5209.3Natural Porn Hustla201410Stay Thirsty! (209.3-212.95)
6205.6The Scorpions20147Stiff Sock (205.6-265.55)
7204.9Stiff Sock201414Stay Thirsty! (204.9-265.2)
8203.1BuckShots20158Stay Thirsty! (203.1-219.15)
9202.7BuckShots20148Mann of Steel (202.7-227.8)
10201.15The Landsharks201412The Scorpions (201.15-216.95)
Fewest Combined Points
164The Reapers vs NorCal Broncos (33-31)20055
268Stiff Sock vs Mann of Steel (35-33)200510
372NorCal Broncos vs Charred Walls of the Damned (39-33)200517
475Pete & Booth vs The Scorpions (45-30)200517
578Stiff Sock vs Lakeland's Finest (46-32)200515
6 (tie)85Mann of Steel vs The Scorpions (44-41)200516
 85Charred Walls of the Damned vs Mann of Steel (60-25)20054
 85Mann of Steel vs Stiff Sock (60-25)20051
986The Scorpions vs Stiff Sock (55-31)200514
1087Pete & Booth vs Riders on the Storm (64-23)20059
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Mann of Steel20076The Reapers (178-177.9)
 0.10Cheech & Chong20147The Bristol Bloods (130.75-130.65)
30.20Mann of Steel201412Stay Thirsty! (161.45-161.25)
40.25The Scorpions20087Stiff Sock (132.85-132.6)
50.35The Hitmen20076Riders on the Storm (132.55-132.2)
60.45BuckShots201510Stiff Sock (157.95-157.5)
7 (tie)0.60The Scorpions201614Stay Thirsty! (161.55-160.95)
 0.60Ebonics20069The Reapers (157.85-157.25)
90.65Natural Porn Hustla201513The Reapers (196.25-195.6)
10 (tie)0.75The Scorpions200815The Reapers (135.5-134.75)
 0.75The Scorpions200916Natural Porn Hustla (145.6-144.85)

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