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First World Football Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1291.9Dat White Dude! 20153
2276.4Snageltooth Tigers20126
3272.5Gridiron Sleepers20164
4267.8Above Average Sex Vikings20153
5264.9Above Average Sex Vikings20149
7256.6Seattle Stoners201712
8254.2Above Average Sex Vikings20148
9252.5The Grantham Tantrum20148
10250.3Greene Machine201413
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
286.6All The Bo Pelinis20137
491.7Seattle Stoners201510
696.5Snageltooth Tigers20149
7103.7Seattle Stoners20168
8106.9Gridiron Sleepers201210
9107Dat White Dude! 20148
10107.2All The Bo Pelinis201313
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1118.9Bald Dawgs201511Cocraine Cowboys (118.9-114.1)
2122.9Snageltooth Tigers20143Beard Brigade (122.9-122.5)
3132.8All The Bo Pelinis20164Dat White Dude! (132.8-119.7)
4132.9The Grantham Tantrum201511Gingers-R-Us (132.9-92.6)
5134.4All The Bo Pelinis201514Above Average Sex Vikings (134.4-111.5)
6135.7Crimson Conspiracy201610Above Average Sex Vikings (135.7-129.9)
7137.7Above Average Sex Vikings20177Dat White Dude! (137.7-109.4)
8138.7Seattle Stoners201211All The Bo Pelinis (138.7-131.1)
9139Gingers-R-Us201510Beard Brigade (139-132.4)
10139.4Dat White Dude! 20176Cocraine Cowboys (139.4-116.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1238.2Greene Machine20132All The Bo Pelinis (238.2-245.1)
2234.2Seattle Stoners20148The Grantham Tantrum (234.2-252.5)
3226.5Greene Machine20153Dat White Dude! (226.5-291.9)
4219.9Cocraine Cowboys20131Bald Dawgs (219.9-238.6)
5215.5Seattle Stoners20177Gridiron Sleepers (215.5-236.7)
6214.8Dat White Dude! 20158The Grantham Tantrum (214.8-227.8)
7214Greene Machine201414Cocraine Cowboys (214-215.7)
8212.9Seattle Stoners201413Cocraine Cowboys (212.9-230.9)
9212.1The Megaboners20137Greene Machine (212.1-221.2)
10211.7Greene Machine20145Seattle Stoners (211.7-232.1)
Most Combined Points
1518.4Dat White Dude! vs Greene Machine (291.9-226.5)20153
2486.7The Grantham Tantrum vs Seattle Stoners (252.5-234.2)20148
3483.3All The Bo Pelinis vs Greene Machine (245.1-238.2)20132
4462.8Gridiron Sleepers vs Bald Dawgs (272.5-190.3)20164
5458.5Bald Dawgs vs Cocraine Cowboys (238.6-219.9)20131
6453.9Greene Machine vs The Megaboners (249.5-204.4)20156
7452.2Gridiron Sleepers vs Seattle Stoners (236.7-215.5)20177
8449.8Seattle Stoners vs Cocraine Cowboys (256.6-193.2)201712
9449The Megaboners vs Dat White Dude! (239.3-209.7)201612
10448.8Gingers-R-Us vs Gridiron Sleepers (262-186.8)20134
Fewest Combined Points
1225.5The Grantham Tantrum vs Gingers-R-Us (132.9-92.6)201511
2233Bald Dawgs vs Cocraine Cowboys (118.9-114.1)201511
3241.6Cocraine Cowboys vs Seattle Stoners (149.9-91.7)201510
4245.4Snageltooth Tigers vs Beard Brigade (122.9-122.5)20143
5245.9All The Bo Pelinis vs Above Average Sex Vikings (134.4-111.5)201514
6247.1Above Average Sex Vikings vs Dat White Dude! (137.7-109.4)20177
7247.9Crimson Conspiracy vs All The Bo Pelinis (161.3-86.6)20137
8252.5All The Bo Pelinis vs Dat White Dude! (132.8-119.7)20164
9255.7Dat White Dude! vs Cocraine Cowboys (139.4-116.3)20176
10258.5Bald Dawgs vs All The Bo Pelinis (151.3-107.2)201313
Victory Margin
1135.8Snageltooth Tigers20126Crimson Conspiracy (276.4-140.6)
2125.8Dat White Dude! 20165Gingers-R-Us (193.4-67.6)
3123Above Average Sex Vikings20149All The Bo Pelinis (264.9-141.9)
4110.3Bald Dawgs201612The Grantham Tantrum (249-138.7)
5108.8Above Average Sex Vikings20157The Megaboners (246.5-137.7)
6105.6The Grantham Tantrum20146Gridiron Sleepers (229.9-124.3)
7103.2Bald Dawgs20133Above Average Sex Vikings (214.9-111.7)
8102.6Seattle Stoners20149Gingers-R-Us (244.2-141.6)
994.6Gingers-R-Us20142All The Bo Pelinis (212.2-117.6)
1092.4Snageltooth Tigers201212Greene Machine (211.2-118.8)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Snageltooth Tigers20123All The Bo Pelinis (167.5-167.4)
20.30All The Bo Pelinis20128Gridiron Sleepers (180.7-180.4)
3 (tie)0.40Crimson Conspiracy201715Dat White Dude! (163.4-163)
 0.40Gingers-R-Us201312Crimson Conspiracy (164.9-164.5)
 0.40Snageltooth Tigers20143Beard Brigade (122.9-122.5)
 0.40Snageltooth Tigers201515Beard Brigade (194.3-193.9)
70.50Gridiron Sleepers201710Crimson Conspiracy (147-146.5)
8 (tie)0.60The Megaboners20138Gingers-R-Us (156.3-155.7)
 0.60All The Bo Pelinis20161Above Average Sex Vikings (208.6-208)
100.70Above Average Sex Vikings201216Bald Dawgs (183.7-183)

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