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Most Points Scored - Single Game
4310.5Empire of Dirt20111
5308.5Double Dippers201814
6302.7Empire of Dirt201014
8300.5BackDoor Boyz20167
9297.7Empire of Dirt20181
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
121.1Double Dippers201310
373.7Empire of Dirt200813
474.9Brew Crew20049
576.6BackDoor Boyz201816
678.9Brew Crew20031
779.2Eat Mo' Chkn20117
980.3Eat Mo' Chkn201413
1083.4Eat Mo' Chkn201312
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1116.3The Daisies20031Brew Crew (116.3-78.9)
2119XX200311Kutahounds (119-80)
3119.3The Wolf of Waiver Wires201110The Dumpster Fire (119.3-107.6)
4120.1T-Town20185BackDoor Boyz (120.1-106.5)
5121The Daisies20032The Dumpster Fire (121-92)
6121.4Red Army200513XX (121.4-108)
7123.3BackDoor Boyz201811Mooners (123.3-88.3)
8125.8Pancake Titties20054XX (125.8-118.1)
9127.5T-Town20171Edohc (127.5-117.7)
10127.7Chubs200710Pancake Titties (127.7-124)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1263.8T-Town20148Chubs (263.8-265.7)
2261.9The Wolf of Waiver Wires20131Chubs (261.9-271.3)
3248.9Empire of Dirt20148Pancake Titties (248.9-274.7)
4245.5XX200915Empire of Dirt (245.5-249.2)
5243.9Chubs200911BackDoor Boyz (243.9-256)
6243.2BackDoor Boyz20169XX (243.2-246.9)
7243BackDoor Boyz201616T-Town (243-247.8)
8241.1Double Dippers20149XX (241.1-242.5)
9240.3Mooners20163Empire of Dirt (240.3-248.7)
10238.5Pancake Titties20132Chubs (238.5-242.6)
Most Combined Points
1557.5T-Town vs XX (326.4-231.1)20122
2533.2Chubs vs The Wolf of Waiver Wires (271.3-261.9)20131
3529.5Chubs vs T-Town (265.7-263.8)20148
4526.2Double Dippers vs Butts2Nuts (308.5-217.7)201814
5523.6Pancake Titties vs Empire of Dirt (274.7-248.9)20148
6520.7The Dumpster Fire vs Eat Mo' Chkn (288.6-232.1)200512
7512.5BackDoor Boyz vs Double Dippers (300.5-212)20167
8511.7The Wolf of Waiver Wires vs Empire of Dirt (291.4-220.3)201715
9509XX vs BackDoor Boyz (289.7-219.3)20129
10505.5The Dumpster Fire vs Chubs (268.1-237.4)20136
Fewest Combined Points
1195.2The Daisies vs Brew Crew (116.3-78.9)20031
2199XX vs Kutahounds (119-80)200311
3 (tie)211.6Eat Mo' Chkn vs Double Dippers (190.5-21.1)201310
 211.6BackDoor Boyz vs Mooners (123.3-88.3)201811
5213The Daisies vs The Dumpster Fire (121-92)20032
6217Pancake Titties vs Double Dippers (133-84)20139
7 (tie)226.6T-Town vs BackDoor Boyz (120.1-106.5)20185
 226.6Chubs vs Mooners (136.3-90.3)201710
9226.9The Wolf of Waiver Wires vs The Dumpster Fire (119.3-107.6)201110
10 (tie)227.4Edohc vs Sodomizers (136.4-91)20169
 227.4Edohc vs Sodomizers (136.4-91)20169
Victory Margin
1195.8Butts2Nuts201812T-Town (237.1-41.3)
2191.7The Dumpster Fire20077Pancake Titties (276.7-85)
3188.7Empire of Dirt20111XX (310.5-121.8)
4170.6Empire of Dirt20097Clutch City (269.4-98.8)
5169.4Eat Mo' Chkn201310Double Dippers (190.5-21.1)
6167.3The Dumpster Fire201810The Wolf of Waiver Wires (271.8-104.5)
7161The Daisies200310Brew Crew (267-106)
8160.8Pancake Titties20119XX (294.4-133.6)
9158.1Eat Mo' Chkn200513Kutahounds (255.5-97.4)
10156.2Eat Mo' Chkn20056Clutch City (249.5-93.3)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Mooners20072BackDoor Boyz (210.5-210.4)
2 (tie)0.20Chubs20155Pancake Titties (136.6-136.4)
 0.20Double Dippers20105The Wolf of Waiver Wires (170.2-170)
 0.20Double Dippers20075Eat Mo' Chkn (189-188.8)
5 (tie)0.30Double Dippers20091Chubs (186.2-185.9)
 0.30Clutch City20044BackDoor Boyz (130.6-130.3)
7 (tie)0.40Pancake Titties200911Clutch City (156.6-156.2)
 0.40XX20074Mooners (157.7-157.3)
 0.40Eat Mo' Chkn20114Red Army (187-186.6)
10 (tie)0.50Red Army20133T-Town (150.5-150)
 0.50The Dumpster Fire200715XX (158.7-158.2)

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