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My Chemical Bromance Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1273.3The Silverback20148
2236.25Truffle Shuffle201515
3233.85The Silverback201412
4232.35The Silverback20166
5229.7Truffle Shuffle201711
6228.1Lock Down201715
7219.7Big Country201512
8215.1Danger Zone20144
9214.45The Silverback201415
10211.8Lock Down20146
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
154.4Big Country20146
262.6Big Country20175
372.8The Dude Abides20175
474.05The Incredibles20133
576.85The Upper Africans20139
680.2Danger Zone20135
784The Dude Abides201511
884.6The Silverback20138
986.25The Dude Abides20176
1086.4The Incredibles20153
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
198.95Big Country20176The Dude Abides (98.95-86.25)
299.1None More Black20177The Incredibles (99.1-90.1)
3102None More Black201713The Dude Abides (102-95.25)
4103.15The Dude Abides201710Dark Helmet (103.15-97.85)
5107.35Lock Down20138Dark Helmet (107.35-104.1)
6109.45The Incredibles20174None More Black (109.45-104.9)
7109.95None More Black201310Danger Zone (109.95-103.25)
8110.1The Dude Abides20137Danger Zone (110.1-93.9)
9111Big Country20132Dark Helmet (111-105.05)
10112.2Big Country20135Danger Zone (112.2-80.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1201.7The Silverback20173Truffle Shuffle (201.7-211.05)
2191.7The Silverback201616Lock Down (191.7-201.55)
3181.6Lock Down201711The Silverback (181.6-188.9)
4 (tie)174.6Lock Down20168The Dude Abides (174.6-200.75)
 174.6None More Black201613The Dude Abides (174.6-188.4)
6172.3The Silverback201715Lock Down (172.3-228.1)
7170.75The Upper Africans201414Big Country (170.75-171.55)
8169.95Danger Zone201513The Silverback (169.95-186.2)
9168.75The Silverback20163The Dude Abides (168.75-186.65)
10168.3The Silverback201514Truffle Shuffle (168.3-170)
Most Combined Points
1412.75Truffle Shuffle vs The Silverback (211.05-201.7)20173
2400.4Lock Down vs The Silverback (228.1-172.3)201715
3393.25Lock Down vs The Silverback (201.55-191.7)201616
4392.95The Silverback vs Truffle Shuffle (273.3-119.65)20148
5375.35The Dude Abides vs Lock Down (200.75-174.6)20168
6371.95Lock Down vs The Silverback (207.05-164.9)20153
7370.5The Silverback vs Lock Down (188.9-181.6)201711
8368.7The Silverback vs The Dude Abides (232.35-136.35)20166
9368.05Truffle Shuffle vs Dark Helmet (229.7-138.35)201711
10367.05The Silverback vs Danger Zone (210.25-156.8)201413
Fewest Combined Points
1185.2Big Country vs The Dude Abides (98.95-86.25)20176
2189.2None More Black vs The Incredibles (99.1-90.1)20177
3190.35The Upper Africans vs Big Country (127.75-62.6)20175
4192.4Big Country vs Danger Zone (112.2-80.2)20135
5197.25None More Black vs The Dude Abides (102-95.25)201713
6197.75The Silverback vs The Upper Africans (120.9-76.85)20139
7201The Dude Abides vs Dark Helmet (103.15-97.85)201710
8201.05The Silverback vs Big Country (112.65-88.4)20136
9204The Dude Abides vs Danger Zone (110.1-93.9)20137
10208.9Big Country vs Danger Zone (116.35-92.55)20177
Victory Margin
1157.4Lock Down20146Big Country (211.8-54.4)
2153.65The Silverback20148Truffle Shuffle (273.3-119.65)
3127.9Truffle Shuffle201515Big Country (236.25-108.35)
4123.4Danger Zone20144Big Country (215.1-91.7)
5114.3Big Country20139The Dude Abides (205.1-90.8)
6108.6Truffle Shuffle201313None More Black (205.9-97.3)
7107.25Danger Zone20153The Incredibles (193.65-86.4)
8106.65None More Black20142Big Country (196.5-89.85)
9103.4The Silverback201412The Upper Africans (233.85-130.45)
10100.85The Silverback201415Danger Zone (214.45-113.6)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.15Danger Zone20136Truffle Shuffle (119-118.85)
 0.15None More Black20152The Silverback (149.1-148.95)
 0.15The Incredibles20152The Dude Abides (161.15-161)
4 (tie)0.20Lock Down20161Big Country (145.15-144.95)
 0.20None More Black20155The Dude Abides (126.7-126.5)
60.25Big Country20145The Upper Africans (138.05-137.8)
70.40Big Country201711None More Black (119.9-119.5)
80.60Truffle Shuffle20132The Upper Africans (165.7-165.1)
90.75Danger Zone20172Big Country (120.75-120)
10 (tie)0.80Big Country201414The Upper Africans (171.55-170.75)
 0.80Lock Down20179The Upper Africans (126.75-125.95)

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