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TopDog Keeper II 2017 Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1373OC Hawkeyes20131
2356Independence Falcons20148
3354Nagoya Oilers201211
4350OC Hawkeyes20163
5349Baltimore Fun Bags201213
6348Austin Black and Tans20134
7 (tie)343NWA Rads20132
 343WV Mountain Strong20123
9336Independence Falcons20135
10334OC Hawkeyes201310
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Desmonds Boomers201510
 0Midwest Soldiers 20179
332Oxford Landsharks20168
4110NWA Rads201513
5127NWA Rads201510
6131Coffeyville Red Ravens20135
7136Arlington (TX) Longhorns201410
8138Baltimore Fun Bags20144
9139NWA Rads20158
10141Pinhoti Outlaws201711
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1169Pinhoti Outlaws201511NWA Rads (169-153)
2170Venice Beasts201510NWA Rads (170-127)
3171Oxford Landsharks20165Baltimore Fun Bags (171-158)
4173Indep MO Prekals201411Arlington (TX) Longhorns (173-161)
5182WV Mountain Strong20178Midwest Soldiers (182-177)
6187Desmonds Boomers20127Albany Kangaroos (187-183)
7 (tie)189NWA Rads201710Nagoya Oilers (189-182)
 189WV Mountain Strong201614Edinburg Nightmare (189-179)
9190Independence Falcons201710Albany Kangaroos (190-158)
10 (tie)192Albany Kangaroos20139Coffeyville Red Ravens (192-190)
 192Coffeyville Red Ravens201211Gulf Coast Maulers (192-171)
 192Coffeyville Red Ravens201211Independence Falcons (192-186)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1 (tie)312Caladesi Beach Bums201211OC Hawkeyes (312-329)
 312Caladesi Beach Bums201211Nagoya Oilers (312-354)
3294Gulf Coast Maulers20124Albany Kangaroos (294-301)
4293Baltimore Fun Bags201216OC Hawkeyes (293-318)
5292Caladesi Beach Bums201311Nagoya Oilers (292-316)
6291Baltimore Fun Bags201313Arlington (TX) Longhorns (291-313)
7287Baltimore Fun Bags20132Arlington (TX) Longhorns (287-297)
8286Pinhoti Outlaws20163Independence Falcons (286-288)
9285WV Mountain Strong201311Gulf Coast Maulers (285-308)
10 (tie)281Gulf Coast Maulers20126NWA Rads (281-297)
 281Desmonds Boomers20148Pittsburgh River Rats (281-320)
 281Midwest Soldiers 20156Pittsburgh River Rats (281-286)
Most Combined Points
1666Nagoya Oilers vs Caladesi Beach Bums (354-312)201211
2641OC Hawkeyes vs Caladesi Beach Bums (329-312)201211
3628Independence Falcons vs OC Hawkeyes (356-272)20148
4618OC Hawkeyes vs WV Mountain Strong (373-245)20131
5617Austin Black and Tans vs Caladesi Beach Bums (348-269)20134
6611OC Hawkeyes vs Baltimore Fun Bags (318-293)201216
7608Nagoya Oilers vs Caladesi Beach Bums (316-292)201311
8607WV Mountain Strong vs Gulf Coast Maulers (343-264)20123
9604Arlington (TX) Longhorns vs Baltimore Fun Bags (313-291)201313
10601Pittsburgh River Rats vs Desmonds Boomers (320-281)20148
Fewest Combined Points
1208OC Hawkeyes vs Midwest Soldiers (208-0)20179
2219Nagoya Oilers vs Desmonds Boomers (219-0)201510
3297Venice Beasts vs NWA Rads (170-127)201510
4303Edinburg Nightmare vs Oxford Landsharks (271-32)20168
5322Pinhoti Outlaws vs NWA Rads (169-153)201511
6329Oxford Landsharks vs Baltimore Fun Bags (171-158)20165
7334Indep MO Prekals vs Arlington (TX) Longhorns (173-161)201411
8348Independence Falcons vs Albany Kangaroos (190-158)201710
9350Arlington (TX) Longhorns vs Coffeyville Red Ravens (219-131)20135
10354Pittsburgh River Rats vs Pinhoti Outlaws (193-161)20168
Victory Margin
1239Edinburg Nightmare20168Oxford Landsharks (271-32)
2219Nagoya Oilers201510Desmonds Boomers (219-0)
3208OC Hawkeyes20179Midwest Soldiers (208-0)
41893 Notch Yacht Club20158NWA Rads (328-139)
5157Caladesi Beach Bums20122Coffeyville Red Ravens (319-162)
6155OC Hawkeyes201712WV Mountain Strong (303-148)
7152Independence Falcons20144Baltimore Fun Bags (290-138)
8149OC Hawkeyes20128Independence Falcons (300-151)
9148OC Hawkeyes20163Desmonds Boomers (350-202)
10146WV Mountain Strong20158Oxford Landsharks (312-166)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1NWA Rads20174OC Hawkeyes (222-221)
 1NWA Rads20128Boston Yanks (276-275)
 1Desmonds Boomers20126Pinhoti Outlaws (217-216)
 1Coffeyville Red Ravens20136Austin Black and Tans (193-192)
 1Nagoya Oilers20162Independence Falcons (233-232)
 1Boston Massacre20178OC Hawkeyes (242-241)
7 (tie)2NWA Rads20166Gulf Coast Maulers (218-216)
 2Edinburg Nightmare201511Albany Kangaroos (244-242)
 2Albany Kangaroos20139Coffeyville Red Ravens (192-190)
 2Desmonds Boomers20179Baltimore Fun Bags (205-203)
 2Independence Falcons20163Pinhoti Outlaws (288-286)
 2Caladesi Beach Bums201213Coffeyville Red Ravens (271-269)
 23 Notch Yacht Club20156Independence Falcons (235-233)
 2Magic City Goons20172Oxford Landsharks (211-209)

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