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Dead Money Keeper League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2214Terms of Enrampagement20107
5204Bullet Crackers20135
6 (tie)203Bullet Crackers201216
 203Terms of Enrampagement20148
8 (tie)202Royalty201413
10201Canadian Bangers20175
Most Combined Points
1379Royalty vs Orange Crush (191-188)201816
2377Bullet Crackers vs Screamin Semen (203-174)201216
3363Bullet Crackers vs The Nuts (204-159)20135
4360Donkey Punchers vs The Nuts (197-163)201314
5358Terms of Enrampagement vs Screamin Semen (203-155)20148
6355Comptons Kings vs G-Money (199-156)20144
7354Royalty vs Canadian Bangers (216-138)201811
8352Royalty vs America's Team (213-139)201813
9350Comptons Rebels vs Terms of Enrampagement (189-161)20152
10 (tie)348G-Money vs Lionheart (181-167)20131
 348G-Money vs Lionheart (188-160)201313
Victory Margin
1118Orange Crush201713Flint Tropics (175-57)
2114Orange Crush20181Flint Tropics (199-85)
3112Canadian Bangers201513Donkey Punchers (197-85)
4111Comptons Kings201412Lionheart (176-65)
5 (tie)110Royalty201410Screamin Semen (173-63)
 110Canadian Bangers20175G-Money (201-91)
7104Bullet Crackers20126Comptons Kings (193-89)
8100Terms of Enrampagement20107The Nuts (214-114)
999King Cobra201810Lionheart (180-81)
1098Royalty201413Comptons Rebels (202-104)
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
144Comptons Rebels20142
356Cheese Kills201713
4 (tie)57Screamin Semen20173
 57Flint Tropics201713
659Screamin Semen201312
863Screamin Semen201410
9 (tie)65Lionheart201412
 65Comptons Kings201111
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)157Screamin Semen vs Canadian Bangers (86-71)20149
 157The Nuts vs Screamin Semen (88-69)201411
3160G-Money vs Superballers (90-70)201510
4164Canadian Bangers vs Screamin Semen (93-71)20117
5166Lionheart vs Screamin Semen (87-79)201113
6 (tie)169The Nuts vs Comptons Rebels (92-77)20147
 169Comptons Kings vs Superballers (95-74)20105
8171Donkey Punchers vs Screamin Semen (112-59)201312
9 (tie)172Superballers vs The Nuts (93-79)20101
 172Donkey Punchers vs Superballers (118-54)20117
 172Canadian Bangers vs Comptons Rebels (128-44)20142
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1188Orange Crush201816Royalty (188-191)
2174Screamin Semen201216Bullet Crackers (174-203)
3167Lionheart20131G-Money (167-181)
4 (tie)166Lionheart20153Comptons Rebels (166-172)
 166Canadian Bangers20182America's Team (166-175)
6164Lionheart20168Canadian Bangers (164-164) TB
7163The Nuts201314Donkey Punchers (163-197)
8162Superballers20124Bullet Crackers (162-166)
9161Terms of Enrampagement20152Comptons Rebels (161-189)
10160Lionheart201313G-Money (160-188)
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
186Screamin Semen20149Canadian Bangers (86-71)
287Lionheart201113Screamin Semen (87-79)
3 (tie)88The Nuts201013Superballers (88-87)
 88The Nuts201411Screamin Semen (88-69)
589Comptons Rebels20133Screamin Semen (89-89) TB
690G-Money201510Superballers (90-70)
791Bullet Crackers20145The Nuts (91-84)
8 (tie)92The Nuts20147Comptons Rebels (92-77)
 92Superballers20177Cheese Kills (92-91)
10 (tie)93Superballers20101The Nuts (93-79)
 93Canadian Bangers20117Screamin Semen (93-71)
 93Canadian Bangers20128Lionheart (93-84)

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