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Azusa League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1196.83Apple Assassins201712
2196.56Who Dat Nation201315
3196.3Da Mosquito20148
4195.65Black Panthers20103
5193.58Black Panthers201212
6193.17Voodoo Reflection201410
7192.15Woody's Boys201011
8189.58Da Mosquito201413
9187.14More Than Conquerors20134
10185.28Black Panthers20131
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Woody's Boys201315
 0Road Dawgs20139
 0Army Ants20185
 0Apple Assassins20176
637.75BeatDown Kingz201614
739.34Black Panthers201712
840.74The Merica Greatriots20142
943Black Panthers200813
10 (tie)45The G Men20089
 45Apple Assassins20083
 45Black Snakes Redemption20085
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)0More Than Conquerors201815Da Mosquito (0-0) TB
 0NE Minutemen201815The Outlanders (0-0) TB
363.02Steel Curtain20166Voodoo Reflection (63.02-46.46)
467Road Dawgs20086Douville's Davillans (67-51)
568.38The Regulators20154Patriot Nation (68.38-67.15)
671Steel Curtain20085Incredible G-Men (71-56)
772.05NE Minutemen20173BeatDown Kingz (72.05-49.4)
872.64U Mad Bro201714The Outlanders (72.64-71.82)
9 (tie)74KC Wolfpack20093San Quentins Homeboyz (74-67)
 74KC Wolfpack20095CPU1 (74-73)
 74Dookie Doug20082Da Mosquito (74-69)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1171.4Voodoo Reflection201011Woody's Boys (171.4-192.15)
2167.53Greenwood Tigers20134Who Dat Nation (167.53-174.65)
3160.35Voodoo Reflection201414Da Mosquito (160.35-169.49)
4159.68Black Snakes Redemption20144Voodoo Reflection (159.68-169.69)
5157.3KC Wolfpack201016Woody's Boys (157.3-160.8)
6154.45Voodoo Reflection201010Da Mosquito (154.45-177.05)
7153.82Da Mosquito201210Who Dat Nation (153.82-157.2)
8152.77Black Snakes Redemption20148Da Mosquito (152.77-196.3)
9152.61The Regulators201214Who Dat Nation (152.61-164.92)
10151.91Black Panthers201216More Than Conquerors (151.91-165.08)
Most Combined Points
1363.55Woody's Boys vs Voodoo Reflection (192.15-171.4)201011
2349.07Da Mosquito vs Black Snakes Redemption (196.3-152.77)20148
3342.76Who Dat Nation vs More Than Conquerors (196.56-146.2)201315
4342.18Who Dat Nation vs Greenwood Tigers (174.65-167.53)20134
5336.99Da Mosquito vs Greenwood Tigers (189.58-147.41)201413
6331.5Da Mosquito vs Voodoo Reflection (177.05-154.45)201010
7329.84Da Mosquito vs Voodoo Reflection (169.49-160.35)201414
8329.37Voodoo Reflection vs Black Snakes Redemption (169.69-159.68)20144
9329.3Black Panthers vs Woody's Boys (195.65-133.65)20103
10327.5Black Panthers vs Army Ants (193.58-133.92)201212
Fewest Combined Points
195.62Who Dat Nation vs Apple Assassins (95.62-0)20176
2108.23The Outlanders vs Army Ants (108.23-0)20185
3109.48Steel Curtain vs Voodoo Reflection (63.02-46.46)20166
4111Eazy's Killer Bees vs CPU2 (111-0)20096
5118Road Dawgs vs Douville's Davillans (67-51)20086
6121.45NE Minutemen vs BeatDown Kingz (72.05-49.4)20173
7123.1Black Panthers vs Army Ants (76.69-46.41)201612
8127Steel Curtain vs Incredible G-Men (71-56)20085
9128.85The Regulators vs The Outlanders (76.76-52.09)201813
10132.6Da Mosquito vs Black Panthers (81.1-51.5)201713
Victory Margin
1168.47Da Mosquito201315Woody's Boys (168.47-0)
2137.31Who Dat Nation20139Road Dawgs (137.31-0)
3111Eazy's Killer Bees20096CPU2 (111-0)
4108.23The Outlanders20185Army Ants (108.23-0)
5100.54More Than Conquerors201810Incredible G-Men (153.73-53.19)
695.62Who Dat Nation20176Apple Assassins (95.62-0)
795.5Apple Assassins201712Who Dat Nation (196.83-101.33)
894.05Black Snakes Redemption20149The Regulators (158.31-64.26)
992.95Woody's Boys201112The Merica Greatriots (170.95-78)
1092Who Dat Nation200813Black Panthers (135-43)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Who Dat Nation201410More Than Conquerors (130.91-130.81)
20.19The Regulators20145Who Dat Nation (114-113.81)
30.22Who Dat Nation201713BeatDown Kingz (101.25-101.03)
40.45Army Ants20112The Merica Greatriots (91.25-90.8)
50.60More Than Conquerors20132Greenwood Tigers (126.9-126.3)
60.64More Than Conquerors20133Who Dat Nation (137.71-137.07)
70.78Greenwood Tigers20143Eazy's Killer Bees (102.96-102.18)
8 (tie)0.82Da Mosquito20141The Regulators (123.18-122.36)
 0.82U Mad Bro201714The Outlanders (72.64-71.82)
100.93The Regulators20181Voodoo Reflection (96.51-95.58)

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