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Sizzle's Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1218The JH3 Project20182
2209.8Bayside Ballhogs20189
3208.45Bayside Ballhogs20179
4195.65Bayside Ballhogs201814
5194.95Opie Nation20186
6186.85Bayside Ballhogs201812
8183.45The JH3 Project20183
9183.1Bayside Ballhogs20182
10182.85Bayside Ballhogs20184
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
110.5COBRA KAI201411
211.05Thunder Cats20166
312.4Opie Nation20167
413.25Thunder Cats20121
513.3The Oracle20168
614.75The Squathounds20113
715Thunder Cats20151
8 (tie)15.25Thunder Cats201310
 15.25Chupacabra Mafia20117
 15.25England Lions201111
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
122.75The Squathounds20128X-Factor (22.75-22.5)
223.25Bendova Kournikova20138Ball Busters (23.25-22.5)
323.45The JH3 Project20151Thunder Cats (23.45-15)
423.5The Squathounds20117Chupacabra Mafia (23.5-15.25)
523.6Chupacabra Mafia201611Ball Busters (23.6-21.25)
624.5Golden Domers201510Marysville Marauders (24.5-24.35)
725.05Ball Busters201610The Oracle (25.05-19.95)
8 (tie)25.5The Craig boys20113The Squathounds (25.5-14.75)
 25.5Ball Busters20136Thunder Cats (25.5-23.25)
1026X-Factor20147COBRA KAI (26-23.25)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1177.1Bayside Ballhogs201810The JH3 Project (177.1-177.7)
2165.3COBRA KAI20186Opie Nation (165.3-194.95)
3148.7Moneyballs201816Bayside Ballhogs (148.7-167.75)
4146.6COBRA KAI201810Sizzle (146.6-151.45)
5145.9Bayside Ballhogs20173Manziel's Army (145.9-154.5)
6143.75Hot Garbage20185The JH3 Project (143.75-154.85)
7143.4Nuh-Uh, Child20182Bayside Ballhogs (143.4-183.1)
8142.5Hot Garbage20184Sizzle (142.5-172.1)
9142.15Bayside Ballhogs201714The JH3 Project (142.15-145.5)
10141.45Hoosier Daddy20182Hot Garbage (141.45-153.25)
Most Combined Points
1360.25Opie Nation vs COBRA KAI (194.95-165.3)20186
2354.8The JH3 Project vs Bayside Ballhogs (177.7-177.1)201810
3340.15The JH3 Project vs The Oracle (218-122.15)20182
4337.15Bayside Ballhogs vs The Oracle (209.8-127.35)20189
5326.5Bayside Ballhogs vs Nuh-Uh, Child (183.1-143.4)20182
6319.6The JH3 Project vs Manziel's Army (179.15-140.45)201715
7318.45Bayside Ballhogs vs Thunder Cats (182.85-135.6)20184
8316.45Bayside Ballhogs vs Moneyballs (167.75-148.7)201816
9314.6Sizzle vs Hot Garbage (172.1-142.5)20184
10307.4Moneyballs vs Sizzle (185.55-121.85)201815
Fewest Combined Points
138.45The JH3 Project vs Thunder Cats (23.45-15)20151
238.75The Squathounds vs Chupacabra Mafia (23.5-15.25)20117
340.25The Craig boys vs The Squathounds (25.5-14.75)20113
441.3Unregistered Sex Offenders vs Opie Nation (28.9-12.4)20167
541.75X-Factor vs Thunder Cats (26.5-15.25)201310
644.25Angry Texans vs Bendova Kournikova (28.5-15.75)201113
744.5Ball Busters vs Thunder Cats (33.45-11.05)20166
844.85Chupacabra Mafia vs Ball Busters (23.6-21.25)201611
9 (tie)45Bayside Ballhogs vs Ball Busters (22.5-22.5)201312
 45Ball Busters vs The Oracle (25.05-19.95)201610
Victory Margin
1170.3Bayside Ballhogs20179The Oracle (208.45-38.15)
2118.1Bayside Ballhogs20178Team Ramrod (153.4-35.3)
399.85Bayside Ballhogs201812Nuh-Uh, Child (186.85-87)
498.6Bayside Ballhogs201814Manziel's Army (195.65-97.05)
596.75The JH3 Project20188Team Ramrod (161.45-64.7)
695.85The JH3 Project20182The Oracle (218-122.15)
795.5Opie Nation20175X-Factor (156.35-60.85)
892.15Sizzle201712Opie Nation (170.8-78.65)
991.35The JH3 Project20184Nuh-Uh, Child (181.8-90.45)
1090.25Ball Busters20179Unregistered Sex Offenders (150.05-59.8)
Least Victory Margin
10.05Chupacabra Mafia20155Marysville Marauders (33.25-33.2)
2 (tie)0.15Bayside Ballhogs201415Unregistered Sex Offenders (31.4-31.25)
 0.15Golden Domers201510Marysville Marauders (24.5-24.35)
4 (tie)0.20Sizzle20161The Squathounds (44.3-44.1)
 0.20Ball Busters201710The Oracle (108.7-108.5)
 0.20The JH3 Project201612The Oracle (43.2-43)
7 (tie)0.25X-Factor20137Angry Texans (39.25-39)
 0.25Bendova Kournikova20111Air McNairs (35.5-35.25)
 0.25The Squathounds20128X-Factor (22.75-22.5)
 0.25Golden Domers201215Angry Texans (46-45.75)

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