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North East Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1235Reading Red Knights200610
2216.72Maiden Creek Massacre201010
3211Montgomeryville Marauder20025
4208Reading Red Knights20096
5207.68Reading Red Knights20111
6203.74Reading Red Knights20114
7199.3Cincinnati Beernuts20104
8199Maiden Creek Massacre200910
9195.94Cincinnati Beernuts201110
10195Shadow Ridge Scorpions20076
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
120Montgomeryville Marauder20012
231Cincinnati Beernuts20029
335The Roaring Bison20024
437Lehigh Valley Monarchs20086
538Lehigh Valley Monarchs20071
639Rockledge Specialists200114
740Green Street Gangsters200611
8 (tie)43Dublin Hellhounds20081
 43Green Street Gangsters200510
 43Green Street Gangsters20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
146Blandon Blue Devils20086Lehigh Valley Monarchs (46-37)
261Reading Red Knights20013Fleetwood Powerhouse (61-60)
363Ardsley Avengers20016Dublin Hellhounds (63-48)
4 (tie)65Perkiomenville Freedom20013Cincinnati Beernuts (65-61)
 65Rockledge Specialists20018Maiden Creek Massacre (65-63)
6 (tie)66Perkiomenville Freedom20063Rockledge Specialists (66-57)
 66Skippack Warriors200114Rockledge Specialists (66-39)
8 (tie)67Reading Red Knights20033Green Street Gangsters (67-49)
 67Skippack Warriors20012Dublin Hellhounds (67-66)
1068Reading Red Knights200714Shadow Ridge Scorpions (68-55)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1165Perkiomenville Freedom200410Blandon Blue Devils (165-174)
2158Cincinnati Beernuts20096Reading Red Knights (158-208)
3156Cincinnati Beernuts200313Green Street Gangsters (156-162)
4155.62Maiden Creek Massacre20113Capri Cobras (155.62-178)
5153Maiden Creek Massacre200915Green Street Gangsters (153-173)
6152Venice Vipers20097Cincinnati Beernuts (152-177)
7151Green Street Gangsters200911Reading Red Knights (151-156)
8149.74Cincinnati Beernuts201111Fleetwood Powerhouse (149.74-159.58)
9147Maiden Creek Massacre200413Cincinnati Beernuts (147-161)
10146.9Reading Red Knights201113Maiden Creek Massacre (146.9-171.02)
Most Combined Points
1366Reading Red Knights vs Cincinnati Beernuts (208-158)20096
2349.74Reading Red Knights vs Green Street Gangsters (207.68-142.06)20111
3339Blandon Blue Devils vs Perkiomenville Freedom (174-165)200410
4336.38Cincinnati Beernuts vs Green Street Gangsters (199.3-137.08)20104
5333.62Capri Cobras vs Maiden Creek Massacre (178-155.62)20113
6330.4Maiden Creek Massacre vs Cincinnati Beernuts (216.72-113.68)201010
7329Cincinnati Beernuts vs Venice Vipers (177-152)20097
8328Reading Red Knights vs Green Street Gangsters (235-93)200610
9326Green Street Gangsters vs Maiden Creek Massacre (173-153)200915
10325.76Fleetwood Powerhouse vs Montgomeryville Marauder (194.76-131)20107
Fewest Combined Points
183Blandon Blue Devils vs Lehigh Valley Monarchs (46-37)20086
2102Fleetwood Powerhouse vs Cincinnati Beernuts (71-31)20029
3105Skippack Warriors vs Rockledge Specialists (66-39)200114
4111Ardsley Avengers vs Dublin Hellhounds (63-48)20016
5116Reading Red Knights vs Green Street Gangsters (67-49)20033
6 (tie)121Reading Red Knights vs Fleetwood Powerhouse (61-60)20013
 121Capri Cobras vs Lehigh Valley Monarchs (83-38)20071
8 (tie)123Reading Red Knights vs Shadow Ridge Scorpions (68-55)200714
 123Perkiomenville Freedom vs Rockledge Specialists (66-57)20063
 123Ardsley Avengers vs Montgomeryville Marauder (103-20)20012
Victory Margin
1147Shadow Ridge Scorpions20076Reading Red Knights (195-48)
2142Reading Red Knights200610Green Street Gangsters (235-93)
3120.08Cincinnati Beernuts201110Reading Red Knights (195.94-75.86)
4117Montgomeryville Marauder20025The Roaring Bison (211-94)
5 (tie)111Maiden Creek Massacre20088Fleetwood Powerhouse (170-59)
 111Reading Red Knights200812Fleetwood Powerhouse (173-62)
7107Maiden Creek Massacre200910Cincinnati Beernuts (199-92)
8103.04Maiden Creek Massacre201010Cincinnati Beernuts (216.72-113.68)
9101Shadow Ridge Scorpions20052Blandon Blue Devils (153-52)
1097Green Street Gangsters20048Blandon Blue Devils (184-87)
Least Victory Margin
10.08Reading Red Knights201010Fleetwood Powerhouse (109.52-109.44)
20.22Reading Red Knights20105Maiden Creek Massacre (123.78-123.56)
30.46Venice Vipers201111Maiden Creek Massacre (117.16-116.7)
4 (tie)0.90Cincinnati Beernuts20105Shadow Ridge Scorpions (109.56-108.66)
 0.90Sandhurst Shockwave201110Fleetwood Powerhouse (109.4-108.5)
6 (tie)1Shadow Ridge Scorpions20017Skippack Warriors (70-69)
 1Cincinnati Beernuts20024Perkiomenville Freedom (74-73)
 1Cincinnati Beernuts20036Wayne Blonde Bombers (105-104)
 1Cincinnati Beernuts20027Maiden Creek Massacre (114-113)
 1Dublin Hellhounds200111Maiden Creek Massacre (77-76)
 1Dublin Hellhounds200115The Roaring Bison (87-86)
 1Dublin Hellhounds200512Skippack Warriors (93-92)
 1Fleetwood Powerhouse200616Dublin Hellhounds (85-84)
 1Green Street Gangsters20064Cincinnati Beernuts (95-94)
 1Green Street Gangsters200812Venice Vipers (96-95)
 1Green Street Gangsters20062Shadow Ridge Scorpions (113-112)
 1Maiden Creek Massacre20011Reading Red Knights (92-91)
 1Maiden Creek Massacre20026Montgomeryville Marauder (110-109)
 1Reading Red Knights20013Fleetwood Powerhouse (61-60)
 1Venice Vipers20084Green Street Gangsters (91-90)
 1Venice Vipers200712Green Street Gangsters (123-122)
 1Skippack Warriors20012Dublin Hellhounds (67-66)
 1Skippack Warriors200213The Roaring Bison (70-69)
 1Skippack Warriors20032Montgomeryville Marauder (92-91)
 1The Cheesy Dawgs200410Reading Red Knights (99-98)

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