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2018 Quinnipiac Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1168.005Fightin’ Commodes201712
2168Big Tuna20131
3160.474The Dreamteam201712
4159The Dreamteam20148
5157The Dreamteam201414
6155.553Tampa Bay Bombers20169
7155The Stack Exchange20156
8151The Stack Exchange201513
9149All Natural-Big Action201313
10148.671Midnight Marauders201610
11148.5Big Tuna201315
12 (tie)148PROBOWL NORTH201317
 148Fightin’ Commodes201412
14147.25The Dreamteam20161
15 (tie)146PROBOWL SOUTH201317
 146The Stack Exchange20153
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
111Swarming Aztecs20068
2 (tie)17The Stormtroopers200612
 17Swarming Aztecs200612
418Team RIP20094
519Boogie Knights201310
621Swarming Aztecs20069
722Swarming Aztecs20075
8 (tie)23Magic Bus201111
 23Boogie Knights20074
 23Boogie Knights20077
 23Swarming Aztecs20066
12 (tie)24Big Tuna20065
 24The Stormtroopers20065
 24Tampa Bay Bombers20078
15 (tie)25Gardenstate Warriors20069
 25Hypoluxo Hurricanes200613
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)26Jersey Arsenal20075The Dreamteam (26-26) TB
 26The Dreamteam20075Jersey Arsenal (26-26) TB
333Magic Bus20065Big Tuna (33-24)
434Jersey Arsenal20071Swarming Aztecs (34-30)
537Magic Bus20062Tampa Bay Bombers (37-36)
6 (tie)38Gardenstate Warriors20074Magic Bus (38-35)
 38Gardenstate Warriors20097Swarming Aztecs (38-35)
 38Tampa Bay Bombers200611Swarming Aztecs (38-26)
 38Tampa Bay Bombers200713Swarming Aztecs (38-34)
1040Swarming Aztecs200913The Stormtroopers (40-37)
1141Boogie Knights200710All Natural-Big Action (41-31)
12 (tie)43Boogie Knights20063Hypoluxo Hurricanes (43-32)
 43Hypoluxo Hurricanes200713Boogie Knights (43-36)
14 (tie)44Gardenstate Warriors200710Tampa Bay Bombers (44-34)
 44Big Tuna200613The Dreamteam (44-36)
 44Fightin’ Commodes20094Team RIP (44-18)
 44All Natural-Big Action200610Swarming Aztecs (44-33)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
2140.59Boogie Knights20181The Dreamteam (140.59-141.94)
4126.5The Big Lebowski20189Dream Killer (126.5-130.9)
5124.431The Dreamteam20163High Rollers (124.431-126.09)
6 (tie)120PROBOWL NORTH201417PROBOWL SOUTH (120-128)
 120Gardenstate Warriors20148Fightin’ Commodes (120-121)
 120High Rollers201413Fightin’ Commodes (120-124)
9119.5Fightin’ Commodes201114High Rollers (119.5-122)
10 (tie)117The Champ is Here20156The Stack Exchange (117-155)
 117Midnight Marauders201413The Dreamteam (117-123)
12116.106High Rollers20176Fightin’ Commodes (116.106-119.004)
13116Boogie Knights20144Big Tuna (116-120)
14112.807Dream Killer20174Jersey Arsenal (112.807-123.548)
15111.71Fightin’ Commodes20184The Dreamteam (111.71-126.68)
Most Combined Points
1294PROBOWL NORTH vs PROBOWL SOUTH (148-146)201317
2282.53The Dreamteam vs Boogie Knights (141.94-140.59)20181
3275PROBOWL SOUTH vs PROBOWL NORTH (145-130)201117
4272The Stack Exchange vs The Champ is Here (155-117)20156
5267Big Tuna vs Boogie Knights (168-99)20131
6260The Dreamteam vs Boogie Knights (159-101)20148
7258.69Tampa Bay Bombers vs Big Tuna (155.553-103.139)20169
8257.4Dream Killer vs The Big Lebowski (130.9-126.5)20189
9250.52High Rollers vs The Dreamteam (126.09-124.431)20163
10248.06Tampa Bay Bombers vs Boogie Knights (143.63-104.43)201810
11248PROBOWL SOUTH vs PROBOWL NORTH (128-120)201417
12247.27Tampa Bay Bombers vs The Replacements (140.58-106.69)20184
13247.2Dream Killer vs The Dreamteam (136.58-110.62)20186
14245The Stack Exchange vs Tampa Bay Bombers (151-94)201513
15244Fightin’ Commodes vs High Rollers (124-120)201413
Fewest Combined Points
152Jersey Arsenal vs The Dreamteam (26-26)20075
257Magic Bus vs Big Tuna (33-24)20065
362Fightin’ Commodes vs Team RIP (44-18)20094
463Team RIP vs Swarming Aztecs (46-17)200612
5 (tie)64Tampa Bay Bombers vs Swarming Aztecs (38-26)200611
 64Jersey Arsenal vs Swarming Aztecs (34-30)20071
768Big Tuna vs The Stormtroopers (51-17)200612
8 (tie)70The Dreamteam vs Boogie Knights (47-23)20074
 70Boogie Knights vs Hypoluxo Hurricanes (45-25)200613
10 (tie)72Tampa Bay Bombers vs Swarming Aztecs (38-34)200713
 72Boogie Knights vs All Natural-Big Action (41-31)200710
12 (tie)73Gardenstate Warriors vs Magic Bus (38-35)20074
 73Magic Bus vs Tampa Bay Bombers (37-36)20062
 73Gardenstate Warriors vs Swarming Aztecs (38-35)20097
15 (tie)74Team RIP vs Gardenstate Warriors (45-29)20075
 74Jersey Arsenal vs Big Tuna (47-27)200810
Victory Margin
1116.76Fightin’ Commodes201712Big Tuna (168.005-51.25)
298.46The Dreamteam201712The Champ is Here (160.474-62.016)
395Fightin’ Commodes201412The Stack Exchange (148-53)
489High Rollers20138Swarming Aztecs (122-33)
584The Dreamteam201512Tampa Bay Bombers (126-42)
6 (tie)83The Champ is Here201210All Natural-Big Action (122-39)
 83Boogie Knights20103The Champ is Here (140-57)
882.93High Rollers201811Fightin’ Commodes (140.73-57.8)
982The Dreamteam201411Tampa Bay Bombers (131-49)
1081.13The Dreamteam20161The Replacements (147.25-66.123)
1181Fightin’ Commodes201111Magic Bus (104-23)
1279.97Tampa Bay Bombers201812The Stack Exchange (141.41-61.44)
1377The Champ is Here201211Swarming Aztecs (124-47)
1476The Dreamteam201414The Big Lebowski (157-81)
1575The Champ is Here20131The Dreamteam (127-52)
Least Victory Margin
10.11Boogie Knights20187All Natural-Big Action (110.78-110.67)
20.13Tampa Bay Bombers20164Fightin’ Commodes (91.868-91.74)
30.16The Big Lebowski20171The Champ is Here (83.011-82.854)
40.22The Stack Exchange20187The Big Lebowski (79.79-79.57)
50.37Tampa Bay Bombers20163The Champ is Here (89.814-89.443)
60.40Midnight Marauders20174The Big Lebowski (78.865-78.463)
70.43The Dreamteam20166Midnight Marauders (105.634-105.209)
80.56Boogie Knights20174The Dreamteam (76.414-75.851)
90.61Jersey Arsenal20173High Rollers (82.688-82.077)
100.76Jersey Arsenal201612The Stack Exchange (80.402-79.638)
110.83Tampa Bay Bombers201816Dream Killer (106.12-105.29)
12 (tie)1PROBOWL NORTH200917PROBOWL SOUTH (106-105)
 1Jersey Arsenal20065Boogie Knights (50-49)
 1The Big Lebowski201413All Natural-Big Action (62-61)
 1Magic Bus20062Tampa Bay Bombers (37-36)
 1Magic Bus201211Tampa Bay Bombers (64-63)
 1Gardenstate Warriors20147Magic Bus (75-74)
 1Big Tuna20077Hypoluxo Hurricanes (64-63)
 1Big Tuna20085Boogie Knights (78-77)
 1Boogie Knights20129Gardenstate Warriors (65-64)
 1Boogie Knights20136Magic Bus (67-66)
 1Boogie Knights20146Jersey Arsenal (83-82)
 1Fightin’ Commodes20076Gardenstate Warriors (46-45)
 1Fightin’ Commodes20097Tampa Bay Bombers (75-74)
 1Fightin’ Commodes20148Gardenstate Warriors (121-120)
 1All Natural-Big Action200715High Rollers (55-54)
 1High Rollers200613Gardenstate Warriors (59-58)
 1High Rollers20108All Natural-Big Action (60-59)
 1High Rollers20114Gardenstate Warriors (63-62)
 1High Rollers20075All Natural-Big Action (64-63)
 1High Rollers20139Tampa Bay Bombers (81-80)
 1Team RIP20077The Dreamteam (53-52)
 1Tampa Bay Bombers20098The Dreamteam (59-58)
 1Tampa Bay Bombers20068All Natural-Big Action (69-68)
 1Tampa Bay Bombers20145Jersey Arsenal (70-69)

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