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Buckeye Nation Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored
1219Team Bring It200413
2 (tie)216Promised Land20148
 2164TH AND LONG20186
5 (tie)209Promised Land20043
 209Sparkys Beer Drinkers20184
8205Promised Land20139
9 (tie)203RAGING RETARDS20148
Fewest Points Scored
140Team With No Name20189
445Da Spicy Meatballs20078
651C-Town Crushers20179
7524TH AND LONG201510
8 (tie)53RAGING RETARDS19964
 53TD Kings20003
 53Tommy Sanford19985
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
154Bears20031RAGING RETARDS (54-50)
2 (tie)694TH AND LONG19964Promised Land (69-64)
 69FyreFyters20013Gooroos (69-66)
4 (tie)79RAGING RETARDS19952Mike Deere (79-66)
 79TD Kings20029RAGING RETARDS (79-72)
682Craig Jackson19964RAGING RETARDS (82-53)
7 (tie)84Big Oaks20087C-Town Crushers (84-73)
 84Purple People Eaters 201744TH AND LONG (84-68)
986C-Town Crushers20143Sparkys Beer Drinkers (86-75)
10 (tie)87Promised Land199716Andy Sanford (87-74)
 87RAGING RETARDS20036TD Kings (87-76)
 87FyreFyters19996Gooroos (87-86)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
11884TH AND LONG20022Team Bring It (188-198)
2181Promised Land201410Sparkys Beer Drinkers (181-185)
3173Bears199813Promised Land (173-175)
4172Long Schott201513IYAOYAS (172-184)
5171FyreFyters20096Gooroos (171-174)
6 (tie)1704TH AND LONG200412Promised Land (170-196)
 170IYAOYAS20149RAGING RETARDS (170-181)
 170IYAOYAS201515Long Schott (170-171)
9166RAGING RETARDS20158Sparkys Beer Drinkers (166-170)
10 (tie)1654TH AND LONG200912Promised Land (165-198)
 165IYAOYAS20131The Apocalypse (165-178)
 165Warpath Hogs201514Sparkys Beer Drinkers (165-166)
Most Combined Points
1386Team Bring It vs 4TH AND LONG (198-188)20022
2 (tie)366Promised Land vs RAGING RETARDS (209-157)20043
 366Promised Land vs 4TH AND LONG (196-170)200412
 366Sparkys Beer Drinkers vs Promised Land (185-181)201410
5363Promised Land vs 4TH AND LONG (198-165)200912
6356IYAOYAS vs Long Schott (184-172)201513
7 (tie)353Mike Deere vs Promised Land (199-154)19951
 353FyreFyters vs Long Schott (206-147)20146
9351RAGING RETARDS vs IYAOYAS (181-170)20149
103494TH AND LONG vs Long Schott (191-158)20153
Fewest Combined Points
1104Bears vs RAGING RETARDS (54-50)20031
21334TH AND LONG vs Promised Land (69-64)19964
3 (tie)135FyreFyters vs Gooroos (69-66)20013
 135Craig Jackson vs RAGING RETARDS (82-53)19964
5136Andy Sanford vs FyreFyters (92-44)19992
6139RAGING RETARDS vs FyreFyters (97-42)20079
7145RAGING RETARDS vs Mike Deere (79-66)19952
8146Da Spicy Meatballs vs RAGING RETARDS (89-57)20088
9147Bears vs TD Kings (94-53)20003
10151TD Kings vs RAGING RETARDS (79-72)20029
Victory Margin
1146Team Bring It200413Gooroos (219-73)
2133Bears19985Tommy Sanford (186-53)
31244TH AND LONG20186IYAOYAS (216-92)
4 (tie)121Promised Land20189Team With No Name (161-40)
 121Gooroos200014Team Bring It (214-93)
6116Long Schott20173IYAOYAS (187-71)
7114Promised Land20008TD Kings (197-83)
8 (tie)110RAGING RETARDS19999Andy Sanford (179-69)
 110Big Oaks200810FyreFyters (168-58)
101094TH AND LONG19998Andy Sanford (173-64)

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