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NFL-FFA Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1176Boston Blazers20148
2 (tie)170Louisiana Lightning20158
 170Edgewood Road Dogs201713
4169Nole Nation201515
6160Louisiana Lightning20161
7 (tie)157Boston Blazers201514
 157Red Menace20173
9156Nole Nation20162
10154Louisiana Lightning201711
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1135Boston Blazers20158Chrisnics (135-136)
2131Nevada Roadrunners201713Edgewood Road Dogs (131-170)
3125Chrisnics20156Ghost of 72 (125-136)
4121Red Menace201712Stingrays (121-129)
5 (tie)119Stingrays20147Chrisnics (119-121)
 119Augusta Gnats20143Waveriders* (119-126)
7 (tie)118Boston Blazers20169Roosters (118-129)
 118Red Menace20164Stingrays (118-121)
 118Louisiana Lightning20142Chrisnics (118-123)
10 (tie)117Louisiana Lightning201413Stingrays (117-133)
 117Ness Express20155Scorpions (117-118)
Most Combined Points
1301Edgewood Road Dogs vs Nevada Roadrunners (170-131)201713
2279Stingrays vs Roosters (163-116)201610
3271Chrisnics vs Boston Blazers (136-135)20158
4269Red Menace vs Ragdolls (157-112)20173
5267Louisiana Lightning vs Boston Blazers (154-113)201711
6261Ghost of 72 vs Chrisnics (136-125)20156
7258Louisiana Lightning vs Waveriders* (154-104)201711
8256Boston Blazers vs Waveriders* (141-115)201612
9254Boston Blazers vs Red Menace (176-78)20148
10253Stingrays vs Boston Blazers (148-105)201410
Victory Margin
1117Louisiana Lightning20179Whistle Blowers (84--33)
2104Boston Blazers201514Scorpions (157-53)
3 (tie)98Boston Blazers20148Red Menace (176-78)
 98Roosters20148Ragdolls (146-48)
 98Nole Nation20162Edgewood Road Dogs (156-58)
697Boston Blazers201712Whistle Blowers (100-3)
7 (tie)92Boston Blazers20175Louisiana Lightning (127-35)
 92Louisiana Lightning20158Nole Nation (170-78)
990Nole Nation201515Shot Caller (169-79)
1085Stingrays201711Edgewood Road Dogs (120-35)
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1-33Whistle Blowers20179

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