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Parliament Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1153Jersey Rage20078
2139Alabama Pachyderms20107
3 (tie)137Kokomo Mobsters200711
 137Kansas City Cyclones200413
5136Alabama Pachyderms20048
6134Alabama Pachyderms201114
7 (tie)133Lexington Knights200610
 133Jersey Rage20126
9 (tie)132Lexington Knights20053
 132Jersey Rage201012
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
19Louisville Bulldogs200513
210Cincinnati Ninja Warriors20077
3 (tie)15Lexington Knights20012
 15Alabama Pachyderms20077
517Lexington Knights19975
6 (tie)18Alabama Pachyderms200112
 18Dallas Assassins20152
8 (tie)19Jersey Rage20087
 19Monterrey Aztecs20036
 19Phoenix Mustangs20029
 19Las Vegas Aces20034
 19Miami Mercenaries201410
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)32Dallas Assassins20029Kokomo Mobsters (32-31)
 32Phoenix Mustangs200314Kansas City Cyclones (32-31)
 32Hawaii Porcupines200215Alabama Pachyderms (32-21)
 32Kansas City Cyclones20117Hawaii Porcupines (32-26)
533Kokomo Mobsters20036Kansas City Cyclones (33-29)
6 (tie)35Kokomo Mobsters20033Hawaii Porcupines (35-28)
 35Miami19976New Castle Raiders (35-26)
 35Shelbyville Jagerbombers20175Alabama Pachyderms (35-28)
9 (tie)36Jersey Rage20089Phoenix Mustangs (36-28)
 36Dallas Assassins200513Monterrey Aztecs (36-28)
 36Louisville Bulldogs20157Kokomo Mobsters (36-35)
 36Cincinnati Ninja Warriors20152Dallas Assassins (36-18)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1109Kokomo Mobsters20153Phoenix Mustangs (109-110)
2104Louisville Bulldogs20148Alabama Pachyderms (104-106)
3103Cincinnati Ninja Warriors20164Alabama Pachyderms (103-104)
4 (tie)98Alabama Pachyderms20112Louisville Bulldogs (98-111)
 98Alabama Pachyderms20161Jersey Rage (98-100)
 98Dallas Assassins20124Indianapolis Untouchables (98-106)
 98Kansas City Cyclones201211Louisville Bulldogs (98-113)
 98Cincinnati Ninja Warriors20129Lexington Knights (98-102)
9 (tie)97Indianapolis Untouchables20145Lexington Knights (97-99)
 97Louisville Bulldogs201610Dallas Assassins (97-120)
Most Combined Points
1233Kansas City Cyclones vs Alabama Pachyderms (137-96)200413
2 (tie)220Alabama Pachyderms vs Kokomo Mobsters (134-86)201114
 220Jersey Rage vs Hawaii Porcupines (133-87)20126
4219Phoenix Mustangs vs Kokomo Mobsters (110-109)20153
5218Lexington Knights vs Indianapolis Untouchables (131-87)20166
6 (tie)217Lexington Knights vs Kansas City Cyclones (129-88)201113
 217Dallas Assassins vs Louisville Bulldogs (120-97)201610
8216Cincinnati Ninja Warriors vs Kansas City Cyclones (127-89)20124
9215Lexington Knights vs Louisville Bulldogs (133-82)200610
10211Louisville Bulldogs vs Kansas City Cyclones (113-98)201211
Fewest Combined Points
146Phoenix Mustangs vs Louisville Bulldogs (23-23)20033
253Hawaii Porcupines vs Alabama Pachyderms (32-21)200215
354Cincinnati Ninja Warriors vs Dallas Assassins (36-18)20152
457Indianapolis Untouchables vs Cincinnati Ninja Warriors (37-20)200713
558Kansas City Cyclones vs Hawaii Porcupines (32-26)20117
6 (tie)61Dallas Assassins vs Phoenix Mustangs (39-22)200212
 61Miami vs New Castle Raiders (35-26)19976
 61Monterrey Aztecs vs Cincinnati Ninja Warriors (51-10)20077
9 (tie)62Kansas City Cyclones vs Las Vegas Aces (43-19)20034
 62Kokomo Mobsters vs Kansas City Cyclones (33-29)20036
 62Lexington Knights vs Jersey Rage (40-22)200810
Victory Margin
1105Kokomo Mobsters20096Phoenix Mustangs (131-26)
2103Dallas Assassins201410Miami Mercenaries (122-19)
3101Jersey Rage20078Phoenix Mustangs (153-52)
495Alabama Pachyderms20107Monterrey Aztecs (139-44)
592Alabama Pachyderms20048Phoenix Mustangs (136-44)
691Monterrey Aztecs20113Phoenix Mustangs (128-37)
789Lexington Knights200211Kokomo Mobsters (116-27)
886Kokomo Mobsters200711Kansas City Cyclones (137-51)
985Miami Mercenaries20173Ohio Bottom Dwellers (121-36)
10 (tie)84Kokomo Mobsters20049Jersey Rage (111-27)
 84Kansas City Cyclones200513Louisville Bulldogs (93-9)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Lexington Knights20149Kansas City Cyclones (75-74)
 1Lexington Knights20098Phoenix Mustangs (78-77)
 1Lexington Knights201013Kansas City Cyclones (79-78)
 1Lexington Knights20076Kokomo Mobsters (95-94)
 1Jersey Rage20028Kokomo Mobsters (46-45)
 1Alabama Pachyderms200412Dallas Assassins (70-69)
 1Alabama Pachyderms20158Kansas City Cyclones (84-83)
 1Indianapolis Untouchables20141Phoenix Mustangs (64-63)
 1Indianapolis Untouchables20092Alabama Pachyderms (74-73)
 1Kokomo Mobsters20147Monterrey Aztecs (42-41)
 1Kokomo Mobsters20014Louisville Bulldogs (50-49)
 1Kokomo Mobsters20167Phoenix Mustangs (79-78)
 1Dallas Assassins199711Monterrey Aztecs (45-44)
 1Dallas Assassins20046Alaska Averages (51-50)
 1Dallas Assassins20053Kansas City Cyclones (70-69)
 1Monterrey Aztecs20018Kokomo Mobsters (52-51)
 1Monterrey Aztecs200313Los Angeles Chaos (75-74)
 1Monterrey Aztecs20117Alabama Pachyderms (78-77)
 1Phoenix Mustangs20086Kokomo Mobsters (60-59)
 1Hawaii Porcupines20098Indianapolis Untouchables (55-54)
 1Hawaii Porcupines20067Jersey Rage (72-71)
 1Kansas City Cyclones20175Cincinnati Ninja Warriors (71-70)
 1Louisville Bulldogs20157Kokomo Mobsters (36-35)
 1Louisville Bulldogs20059Jersey Rage (43-42)
 1Louisville Bulldogs20143Indianapolis Untouchables (71-70)
 1Las Vegas Aces200212Monterrey Aztecs (40-39)
 1Cincinnati Ninja Warriors20082Kokomo Mobsters (53-52)
 1Cincinnati Ninja Warriors200813Hawaii Porcupines (70-69)
 1Miami Mercenaries20149Monterrey Aztecs (75-74)
 1Shelbyville Jagerbombers20178Lexington Knights (78-77)

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