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1 Support / Combine leagues to same User Account
« Last post by fantasy.commish on April 22, 2019, 10:34:27 PM »
I just signed up for a new league #587 listed with login

I have 4 other active leagues along with a few inactives listed under

Can you please move them all to

3 Support / Re: New League
« Last post by Agent575 on April 08, 2019, 08:13:47 PM »
Thanks Paul  :)
4 Support / Re: New League
« Last post by prpost on April 08, 2019, 02:48:50 PM »
It looks like you have two different emails/usernames on those accounts. I will switch your league 586 (the new one) to use the same username as 457
5 Support / Re: New League
« Last post by prpost on April 08, 2019, 02:46:14 PM »
Do you have the same username on both accounts?

If so, you should be able to view both from the dashboard (although you'll have to switch from one to the other --- you can only work on one league's setup at a time)
6 Support / New League
« Last post by Agent575 on April 05, 2019, 06:48:34 PM »
Hey Paul,
Just renewed my league and then paid for a new one as my Minor League is also in need of your service.  Just curious if both will be attributed to my account/dashboard over the next 24 hours OR will they be separated?


Edit: LeagueID 457 and 586
7 Support / Re: Discrepancies?
« Last post by Agent575 on February 17, 2019, 08:51:14 PM »
Thanks Paul.  That resolves the first one for sure.  It shouldn't resolve the second but maybe something on my end.  Appreciate it.
8 Support / Re: Discrepancies?
« Last post by prpost on February 16, 2019, 02:36:30 PM »
The player records only include Regular Season and Playoff game types. Performances in Toilet Bowl or Other game types are not included.
9 Support / Discrepancies?
« Last post by Agent575 on February 15, 2019, 12:48:16 AM »
Hey Paul,
So someone in my league pointed out something that isn't lining up.  On the Players tab, "Most Points in a Game by Starter by Position" we're seeing two positions that are inaccurate.
DT shows DeForest Buckner with a score of 52
S shows Budda Baker with a score of 46

However, the real records for those two positions are

DT Pat Sims 58pts (Week 16 of 2013) Minnesota Eternals
S Tashaun Gipson 46.90pts (Week 15 of 2013) Africans and Golddiggers

So curious why the error is there, what we can do about it or anything else....

10 Support / Re: Career All-Play Record?
« Last post by Wintermute on December 08, 2018, 03:53:18 PM »
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